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#73689 Ravens Will Unveil Ray Lewis Statue Outside M&T Bank Stadium Before 2014...

Posted by papasmurfbell on 25 March 2014 - 06:56 AM

I have always thought that the statues of HOFers should go down that walk between CY and M&T.  The O's would be on the stretch from CY and the Colts/Ravens towards that stadium.  It could be the walk of legends.

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#90408 5 Steelers selected to pro bowl

Posted by GrubberRaven on 04 January 2015 - 10:36 AM

Looks like their calendar is free now...

I'll wait until your wife says you can respond...

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#74318 Ray Rice Arrested

Posted by dc. on 01 April 2014 - 02:52 PM

My biggest chuckle is the reference to mods here like this is an ESPN board w one million users and these mysterious mods who zap unsuspecting posters like big brother in some totalitarian state.

The biggest modding I've ever done here is moving a post or two and sending a PM asking folks to behave. I'm like the freaking bartender at brunch.

But whatever straw man you wanna fight...
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#71123 Now That The Dust Has Settled .......

Posted by vmax on 13 February 2014 - 04:37 PM

Don't quite understand why Mods here discourage long threads. One would think that a sites' value is measured by the activity it attracts. The better sites attract many more views and many more replies. This site does not. Are the Mods restricting activity on this site because they do not wish to become bigger and better?


14271.jpg  Good thing that you asked. We spend untold hours and very large amounts of money a week trying to figure out how we can remain a small and obscure site. Once a thread topic gets more than 2 replies we scramble to see how we can stop it. At the top of our agenda items this week we are currently deadlocked on the issue of warning posters if they post more than 2-3 posts a week. Half of us are leaning toward 2. Using the Ignore button on everybody is another action item.

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Posted by Spen on 25 November 2013 - 09:57 AM

Wrong, the Jets were supposed to be a contender for a #1 pick before this season. With Sanchez done, Revis gone, and rookie Gino in with a buttload of rookies, the Jets were supposed to be a non entity this season, but as in season's past, the Jets have surprised the media critics and the NFL. That's hellufied coaching.


Wrong. Yesterday they were in the driver spot for a playoff spot and they had a piss poor effort. That was not great coaching. Donnt be a Rex groupie.

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#91129 Kubiak Staying

Posted by vmax on 12 January 2015 - 04:40 PM

Why woudl I be joking that Joe and the guys he throws to should work out all the bugs in their game?  Other than Daniels and SS nobody was totally on the same page with Joe.  I think it is from Daniels being experienced in this system and Smith being a consummate pro and being able to adapt.  Working with guys is more for the guys Joe throws to than him.  


I would say Unitas, Berry, and Moore knew what they were talking about.


i know all about Unitas and Berry working out and that was evenings after practice. They had jobs in the off season.


1. There is more than enough opportunity for them to get down timing and chemistry during OTA's and Training camp....plus the 5 day grind each week between games (another 16 weeks worth).

2. What can they accomplish on some high school football field? In a few hours? There's nobody to press and defend or rush. How nice would it be for Torrey or somebody to blow an ACL stepping in a hole/divot on some non NFL field.

2A....and I don't want Joe unwinding and throwing all out until his arm strength is 100%. It would bee too cool for him to blow something out because he is not in shape.

3. Joe's been throwing the ball to Torrey for 4 years. The reps have to be in the thousands. Thousands of them.

4. Torrey has hit his ceiling. He's not going to get better. What you see is what you get with Torrey. He has a significant body of work to make it plain to see the weakness in his game. He'll never be a #1. He's not tough enough. He can't break press coverage. He has a limited route tree where he's an effective weapon. He disappears.

5.Yea...All that 2 hours on one or 2 Saturdays in the Spring can accomplish is to shut your yap that this is all they need to be great. If they don't do it, then this will be your great insight as to why Torrey drops passes, has trouble getting open unless it's a go route,  doesn't see the ball, doesn't fight for the ball and still catches with his chest. 

6. 4 Friggn'n Years of Torrey running the same route and Joe throwing the same pass...and a couple of Saturday afternoons in the off season will change everything.


51 NFL players got more catches than Torrey this year. 51. 42 averaged more yards per catch. 42.

What kind of dent in these numbers do you see a couple of Saturdays in the off season playing pitch and catch will do?

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#90454 *** Missing Person Alert ***

Posted by Robjr83 on 04 January 2015 - 04:52 PM

The following alert is for the Western Pennsylvania area

Name: thesteelhurtin
Height: approx 5'8''
Hair: Bald front, shoulder length mullet behind
Last seen wearing: Faded yellow Steelers shirt with hot wing stains (his lucky shirt)
Last seen: on a bridge over the Allagenhy River contemplating life

If you have any info call 1(800)555-5555
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#74760 Just did our taxes

Posted by dc. on 06 April 2014 - 09:55 AM

Crav... no one disagrees that it's rude. But the point here is that it's not an offense or a rudeness worth being shot over. 


And yet, in Florida, people ARE getting shot over it. 


So, your "oh, they'd have to think twice" is resulting in exactly the opposite... Instead of thinking twice, people who are angry are able to quickly and WITHOUT THINKING fire at people they find "rude." 


Seriously, I can't tell if you think we're just talking hypotheticals or if you're just that dense. But there's a 16 year old dead for playing his music too loud at a gas station ... and in Florida all the guy had to do was say, "It made me afraid." Who in that case "should have thought twice?" 


There's a guy in Florida dead because the guy behind him was mad about his texting - during the previews, just to clarify. Once again, who there should have thought twice? Because in that case, the old man didn't think twice, he just fired.


But sure, give everyone a gun and it will certainly reduce our likelihood of committing crimes. Instead, it will make us all much quicker to shoot. People talk about arming teachers to prevent school shootings. Absurd. Schools see teachers throw chairs and curse out students on a regular basis - and students do much worse of course. What happens if there's a gun in those situations? 


#1 reason I'm not moving to Florida -- Crav is there and seems pretty clear he'd acquit my killer because "I should've thought twice" before bumping into someone in the men's room. 

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#71108 Now That The Dust Has Settled .......

Posted by vmax on 12 February 2014 - 06:01 PM

What a shit show someone please lock this thread.


We'll call this the bathroom thread. If we lock it, then we'll just be cleaning up shit on the living room floor.

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#70622 Once again, Mike Preston proved to be a liar and a fraud

Posted by papasmurfbell on 29 January 2014 - 09:17 AM

no, Preston wants just wht he got, your post, people talking about him, radio shows talking about him, having him on air, callers phoning in, .......

Of coooourse!!!  That is what I have been saying.



So you think Byrne who is the Ravens version of the White House press sec isn't in the job of spinning?  His job is to make the Ravens look good if that takes lying then so be it.  Come on Kubs was not on the radar really.  He said himself that he talked with Harbs for the first time 2 days ago.  They have neutered him but they don't want the bad PR of it.  They want to prevent Harbs on the hot seast from day 1 of 2014.

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#67653 How Is Joe Flacco Playing?

Posted by dc. on 10 December 2013 - 02:43 PM

Have never been a part of this thread and hesitate to enter the stupidity that seems to surround it.


But a question to Geronimo/Rasta - please go look at other threads, especially the game threads. I see a lot of Joe criticism. I see a lot of "tired of Joe" criticism. I see a lot of people blaming the picks on him (as most should be). I see a lot of people blaming the sacks on him and slow decision making.


If you're not hearing/reading/seeing that - then sure, you'd think he gets all love and no hate. But you're ignoring a lot of the conversation. ESPN has even written articles in the past (and recently) about how Joe is the most loved/hated player in the city. Every time I go to a bar, half the people tell me Joe's a bum. 


Meanwhile, on a different note, I have to 100% disagree with the thought that "a good quarterback can overcome" the obstacles of a bad defense, bad line, bad receivers, bad run game, etc. Two main thoughts here - I think Peyton and Brady have had to deal with poor run games and rotating receiving corps, but I don't think they have ever had a line as inconsistent as ours. I would also argue their run games were not bad, they were just unused because of the quality of the line and pass games. The Pats' run game is consistently low in the rankings, but not ineffective in game. The Ravens are presently dealing with a disastrously bad run game. Simultaneously, if you watch Brady, he makes some great throws after 5-6-7 seconds in the pocket. When Joe gets that time, we see great plays. But how often does he get that much time?


I guess I don't understand how we can blame Joe for Ray's 2.7 ypc. Or Dickson's dropped passes. Or Oher's penalties. Or McKinney's missed blocks. Should he be able to "overcome" that with other plays? Perhaps....

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#64848 Just so you know how this board works

Posted by deeshopper on 01 November 2013 - 07:17 AM

I have OldSchool on ignore for a number of reasons.


First, I got tired of him contacting me day after day after day complaining about the reputation system and how two members continually downvote his posts. After disputing this with evidence, I told him that in his short time as a member here, he has used the reputation system the most, more than any other member ever. So, it makes him a bit of a hypocrite to claim foul regarding a system that he continues to manipulate. Which, by the way, is against the community guidelines. Strike one.


Second, his personal attacks on members is just plain old and tired. I don't want to read them, and so I choose not to. The harassment and personal attacks are against the community guidelines. Strike two.


Third, his continual moaning, whining, complaining, and temper tantrums on all things ExtremeRavens, is boring, dull, unimaginative, and pedantic. I personally don't have time for them. As he has been advised ad naseum, there are other message boards and football communities for him to join. He clearly hates it here. Why stay? Move on. This is America. He has a choice. No one, clearly, is forcing him to remain. His public outbursts and challenges to the way the community is moderated is tired. It also doesn't follow the community guidelines. Strike three.


Fourth, personally attacking me really isn't going to solve his problem. I'm not his problem. He is his problem. I can't change that. Harassing or attacking me isn't really helping his cause either. The moderators can attest to the fact that I've advocated for him on several occassions.


You see, unlike most other boards, most decisions regarding the moderation of this community is done by committee. Why? Because, as Max said, we're all volunteers. We aren't paid. We don't make any money on this site. You don't see a bunch of advertisements anywhere on this site. We aren't selling your information, and we aren't profitting off of your demographic data by leveraging it to corporate sponsors. I personally, shell out thousands of dollars a year to have this thankless job of hosting; maintaining; and with the help of volunteers, managing this community. As a result, we've formed a tight knit community of friends (yes, friends; real-life friends that visit each other, meet each other's families, visit each other in different states and countries, attend Ravens and Orioles games together, share losses together, bury our deceased members, and leave it to the other members to comfort the loved ones we've left behind.)


So, I write all of that to say that I am every member's biggest cheerleader and ally. Trust me, there are a number of members that wouldn't be here today if not for me talking down the moderators. So, while some would like to imagine me sitting on high, acting as a dictator (which, given everything I put into this community over the last seven years or so, would be totally justified), it really isn't like that at all. But, I can understand that when everyone else in a community hates your guts, it is easy to attempt to call out the one person that continually answered all of your questions, researched all of your complaints, handled your continual needling about the site and how it functions, and changed operations so you felt better. I get it. I do. Unfortunately, when you strike out against that person, the one that has helped you all this time, you tend to lose the respect, patience, and compassion of that person. And that would be strike four.


So, have a nice day. Enjoy your 10 day suspension. If you decide to come back, I hope you do so with a little more tolerance, dignity, and comprehension of the English language. The first thing you should do is read the community guidelines, and then try your best to adhere to them. I hope you show a little more maturity on whatever message board on which you end up. Believe it or not, I'll actually be rooting for you. Good luck.

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#64724 a "debate"

Posted by thesteelhurtin on 30 October 2013 - 12:54 PM

What do you think you're doing right now, Goober ?.....I wasn't talking to you or about you but you feel a need to set me straight...
Child Please !!!.....Read the whole thread, you'll see who attacked who....They just swatted at the wrong guy this time, that's all...
But please try and explain how it is a Pittstown trolls biz on a Ravens board for us, Einstein ..

I'm over here because I was invited here and unlike you a few people like having me here. Seriously I don't think one person would notice or care if you just went away in fact most would celebrate. So what does that say that they would rather talk with a "pittstown troll" rather then a fellow raven fan. Also you are going to get onto me about spelling maybe you should look at your last sentence.
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#61752 Jacoby Jones hit in head with a bottle

Posted by Robjr83 on 23 September 2013 - 01:57 PM

Per 105.7 the fan....... The NFL has fined Sweat Pea $50k for hitting a defenseless receiver.

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#53210 Feeling a little bad for

Posted by RavenMad on 15 February 2013 - 07:34 AM

I feel bad for Todd Heap. He was drafted with the 31st pick of the draft after we won our 1st Superbowl and then had to endure Boller hanging him out to dry for most of his career and then he is gone a couple of seasons and the Ravens win their 2nd superbowl.


I wonder how good Todd would have been with Joe throwing him the ball all that time and Caldwell calling the plays.

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#91112 Kubiak Staying

Posted by Robjr83 on 12 January 2015 - 12:54 PM

Yeah ....the comradery they would have grown over that weekend in April could have meant Torrey would've went up and fought for that ball.
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