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In Topic: Let's argue some more

Today, 06:56 PM

Rex Ryan thinks the Ravens would be fools to let Harbaugh go. Its about halfway through the clip.


In Topic: Bucs Game

Today, 06:39 PM

If this was on the road Id be worried. At home though- I think they got this.

In Topic: Our Quarterbacks

Today, 06:30 PM

Very surreal watching the presser clips of Flacco Harbs and Jackson today. I knew it was coming but still odd to watch Flacco get benched in favor of a rookie

In Topic: Mosley

Today, 05:16 AM

Weddle is a liability out there. The only reason he's playing is the knowledge he passes on to the rest of the secondary.
Safety play on this team needs work.
Mosley is a better than average LB but not by much. He doesn't earn the big bucks that will get thrown at him from other teams. This is his last year as a Raven.

Agree. He might have been more valuable in yesteryears nfl, but in the pass happy league of today he is exposed too often

In Topic: Baltimore Ravens: Marty Mornhinweg has outstayed his welcome

Yesterday, 05:20 AM

I agree with that LJ needs opportunities to develop as a passer, I just dont think that was the best time with the low margin for error (trying to stay ahead/keep up with KCs offense) and the run working successfully.