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In Topic: Red hot Seat

06 November 2018 - 10:06 AM

The signs were there all season, sure, the defense "played great" in spurts, but just as in past years, after a few games, they lost their legs. If you watched, the defense gave up a 10 pt lead heading into the 4th against the Saints, then the collapse, the lack of hustle, the following week. Now this week, they plaid tired, they played as if they did not want to get hurt. They followed players, rather than rock & sock em. Clearly this defense is, was not playing for the team, the coach, the fans, but I saw players playing for a new team next year, knowing the salary dump is coming.


This organization has let Joe down, never giving him a decent line, no real play makers; they got very lucky to win a Super Bowl; be glad.


But Ozzie and the front office made huge mistakes the past 10 years in the draft and free agency. Maybe it is their scouts, but the buck stops somewhere. Every message board fan has said which players were going to be busts before the draft, yet Ozzie took em, those fans shown to be correct.


The latest move to waste a 7th round pick is not so much about losing the pick, but in the type of player they traded for; another bust.  Was it Eric or Ozzie?


Time to move on, we, they all know Joe is not going to be back and this trick pony show every time the offense gets moving, passes the 50, is killing this team.


Jackson is not ready but who cares at this point, start him, this season was over before it began, we knew it...


12 October 2018 - 05:29 AM

This could be, looks to be another field goal game.....

In Topic: Report: Saints vs. Ravens in Week 7 could be flexed to Sunday night

09 October 2018 - 05:47 PM

Another game I won't watch, sleep is more important. Likely to be a slaughter anyway... An offense that knows how to put routes together to get open men....

In Topic: Maybe they can keep him around this time

09 October 2018 - 05:45 PM

He is terrible, no instincts, not very football savy, just good enough athleticism to make teams interested in him.

Why they can't find a returner who can hang onto the ball is beyond me, they are plenty.

This is a desperate move by the team who needs cornerbacks in a bad way... Another Bama retread.

In Topic: Ravens/Browns

08 October 2018 - 05:16 PM

But he started to collapse before the injuries.  

Marty like Trestman and Caldwell would get away from the run and allow Joe to much leash.  

With you route combo argument it also gets back to Marty's lack of undeerstanding what he is doing.

If Marty had knuckled down and pushed the run then there would have been less throws and the drops would have been lower.  

The part that is Joe's fault is his decision making.  He should be more heady and audible to more run plays are tell Marty to run more.  But he has an ego of loving to throw and he is just not that guy.  

1) do you know the route progressions?

2)do you know the audibles?
B)do you know what Joe is allowed to audible to?