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In Topic: one of the worst mocks I have ever seen

Today, 08:33 PM

Jackson is nice, but he is very inaccurate with the ball. Sure he can improve, Cam did and a few others have since being in the league. However, most are high on him because of his running and in the NFL, that won't last long or he won't.

Darnold is showing that he needs to spend another year playing at the collegw level, no way is he worthy of a top 10 pick, not sure a first round pick right now.

In Topic: Vikings/Ravens

Today, 07:14 AM

West is out both Maclin and Wallace are questionable.

In Topic: defend him and leave with him

Today, 06:12 AM

We also need 4 new tires.

& an alignment... Also, it sounds like the cv axle is done as well as possibly the upp & lower ball joint, all on the driver side....

In Topic: Vikings/Ravens

Today, 06:10 AM

Diggs might not play.

He has been ruled out

In Topic: Bisciotti Says...

Yesterday, 05:39 AM

"Betraying confidence in them"? No, have you fired anyone from your tempt jobs company that was under performing?

Not that I expect him to say anything else, mid season on the radio show..