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Jimmy Smith suspended 4 games

04 December 2017 - 02:43 PM

PED violation, he will not fight the suspension but serve it while injured...

See Virginia, there is a Santa Clause...

03 December 2017 - 03:55 PM

As fans, we were over due for this type of game. Enjoy....no complaints from me.

Skycam view

09 November 2017 - 05:41 PM

Tonight's game & all future Thuraday night games, will be viewed by the skycam, unlike "normal views". I don't watch NFL games except on Sunday and even then, only really the Ravens.

But this camera angle view would just be another reason not to watch.

Execs claim this is for the younger crowd, the video game heads...


Joe Flacco's Ready to Let Loose in Passing Game

08 November 2017 - 05:49 PM

Mkay, I can see his/their point and almost agree. Injuries have been a problem, not just his receivers nor his back but his knee as well. Gaining confidence to step up & through his throws with that knee can be sketchy, take time. "Throw" in the back issue, and you can see him over throwing, underthrowing, "scared" to trust his lineman to keep his legs clean..

I can also see the time he missed and they receivers missed as putting the timing and trust of the passing off, way off.

When you just factor those points in

Asked what the offense needs going forward, receiver Mike Wallace said, "Big plays. We need to make big plays. As an offense, we move the ball down the field pretty well. We just need those big plays, the 50-yard, 60-yard touchdowns."

The absence of "chunk" yardage completions means the offense has to grind out long scoring drives just to put points on the board.

"It's tough to have a lot of those long drives and do that consistently," Flacco said Wednesday. "You have to have some quick strikes in this league so you don't have to convert four or five third downs every time you score a touchdown."

You get dink & dunk.

However, there always is a however isn't there,..... The line has been the biggest issue, the time Flacco has to throw, the receivers have to get open... See, we all watch other games, other teams, we see how much more time, how clean a pocket, those "successful", high scoring offenses have, we talk about all the time and apparently, now so does the "coach"

"When you look at other teams on TV or on tape, the teams that are making the plays downfield are the teams that are scoring the most points," Harbaugh said Monday.

Boy John, u sher r smrt.

Another element of a successful deep passing game is the willingness to attempt it, as opposed to playing more conservatively. The Ravens have been more cautious than most teams so far, as evidenced by Flacco's average attempted pass distance of 6.9 yards, the second-shortest in the league, according to NextGen Stats. But that should change after the bye, Flacco said.

"We need to go after it. We can't sit back and just expect us to not lose football games. We've got to go attack," he said. "We're a 4-5 football team. You always look at teams in this position and say, 'Man, they've got nothing to lose.' Man, we should feel that way. We've got to go out there and leave it all out there."

Wallace is confident the pieces will come together.

No where do any of them mention TIME to throw the deep pass, to throw 15-20 yard passes.

Sure, they can be willing, they are able to throw it deep arm wise, skill of two of three receivers..... But unless the line gives them time it is all moot.

Oh yes, then there are the play designs, I hope John, you noticed the route combinations while you were watching games on tv....


it wasn't all bad

05 November 2017 - 05:20 PM

They won the time of possession and ran a successful screen!!! Woo hoo!