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Today, 10:42 AM

For Pierce all I can say is he's had almost a month to get in shape. He probably has a couple more to get his weight down. We should know more about his status after vets report. 


Funny, I remember as a kid Art Donovan would drive around all day in his car with the windows closed and the heat on to lose weight. He's lucky that never killed him.


Brown, because of his Lisfranc injury really isn't in much control over what happens. If he's another first round bust I'll be really pissed we drafted him in the first place.

When Art was playing it was a different time.  Defensive players usually weren't the most athletic guys.  Coaches tried to put them all on the offensive side of the ball.  A month really was not enough for Pierce to drop all the weight.  But he has to be on the field to contribute.  

I wanted Sweat in the first round.  The 2nd round could have been a WR.  

In Topic: Baltimore Ravens pull Michael Pierce off field before minicamp: Hes not rea...

Yesterday, 04:24 PM

Brown is not who I am worried about.  Fergusson and Pierce do concern me.  Pierce could lose a lot of muscle mass to lose the weight fast.  Fergusson is absolutely needed to keep the pass rush up to snuff.

In Topic: Baltimore Ravens pull Michael Pierce off field before minicamp: Hes not rea...

Yesterday, 01:34 PM





Baltimore Ravens defensive tackle Michael Pierce experienced another offseason setback Friday when the team placed him on the non-football injury (NFI) list, according to the NFL transaction wire.

Pierce will not be able to participate in training camp while on the NFI list, though the Ravens can activate him at any time. In the past, Baltimore has moved players to the NFI list when they failed coach John Harbaugh’s conditioning test.

The Ravens also put offensive guard Alex Lewis, who’s recovering from shoulder surgery, on the physically unable to perform (PUP) list.

Like with Pierce, the Ravens can activate Lewis from PUP at any time, but he is unlikely to participate in the earliest portion of training camp. The Ravens’ first full-team practice is scheduled for Thursday.

The NFI list is for players who are unable to practice but did not suffer an injury during a team-sanctioned activity, like a practice, workout or game. On Thursday, the Ravens placed four rookies on that list: wide receivers Marquise Brown and Jaylen Smith, defensive end Jaylon Ferguson and defensive tackle Daylon Mack.


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14 July 2019 - 10:36 AM


911 audio

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13 July 2019 - 08:31 AM

This is similar to what I have proposed.  I think they will have to do some more development.  The roster spot part is a non issue.  Now only 45 aree active on game days.  With an expanded roster of I would guess 62+ say 53 are active.  Also if a starter is down for an injury for 3-4 weeks that is his time off.  

I am all for a D league.  They just need to get smart about it.

On the kicking front I would bring in a kicker for a week or two throughout the season.  Same with a punter.  Or if you can get the punter and kicker to practice the skills of the other then you can alternatively sit each.  Have someone else on the team practice long snapping.  That is done to some extent if a snapper is hurt in game.  Someone has to fill in for him.

On price point I think a reduction on ticket price of 5% across the board can make us for maybe not seeing a certain player.  The TV contracts will be paying full price which is more important.  Also now your favorite player could be injured and you are just stuck in that issue.  

Competitive players would just get over it.  The players have whined about wear and tear so that issue has been taken off the table.