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Yesterday, 05:56 PM

I didn't know that.  

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Yesterday, 05:55 PM

The O's fans have hope every spring and by summer, it is gone with the wind...

I "hope" this team isn't turning into O's part II




I didn't have any hope for the Birds this spring...not enough moves to strengthen the team


At least the Ravens did make moves.


I think Steve gets it but I think he also has downward loyalty.

I am seeing poor moves still being made.

In Topic: I say Steve Gets It

Yesterday, 09:49 AM

Hope is the exact same thing as wishing.

In Topic: Breaking Up with the NFL

Yesterday, 09:48 AM

You are not alone.  I am seeing so many going in that direction.  Really the protest needs to be made by boycotting the sponsors.

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24 May 2018 - 03:26 PM


I didn't know about the Basic Instinct joke.  I didn't know about the Juggernaut.  I didn't know about DP killing the original DP or Ryan Reynolds.  There is so much more.