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20 March 2018 - 05:19 PM

Mike lays it out....this is the cold hard facts....




The Ravens missed the playoffs by just one game, but they played in possibly the worst division of the NFL and had the easiest second-half schedule of any team.

To show how many holes the Ravens had a year ago, just look at the number of their unrestricted free-agent starters who have been signed by other teams. Wide receivers Mike Wallace, Jeremy Maclin and Michael Campanaro, tight end Benjamin Watson, running back Terrance West and right offensive tackle Austin Howard don’t have jobs.

Ravens sign former Raiders wide receiver Michael Crabtree to three-year deal
Running back Danny Woodhead just retired, and so should safety Lardarius Webb.

Let’s move on to the coaches.

Remember when the Ravens were a prominent organization and opposing teams would try to sign their assistant coaches, especially on defense, as coordinators. The list goes back to Marvin Lewis and included Mike Nolan, Mike Smith, Jack Del Rio, Chuck Pagano and Rex Ryan.

That doesn’t happen anymore. That tells you something. It’s not just about the front office or the players, but the coaching as well. Bisciotti could have gone through this organization like Sherman through Atlanta.


The Michigan/Philly connection isn't working for the Ravens. It's working great for Philly right now. It worked great for the Ravens when they got John and won a Super Bowl.


After reading this from Preston, the only positive that I can see is they should end up stronger by replacing those players.


19 March 2018 - 03:27 AM

The end came fast but this team will be long remembered.

In Topic: Learn a lesson from UMBC John

18 March 2018 - 01:35 PM

The Ravens offense that we've all come to know and love goes like this:


Frirst Quarter: Fiddle around in the first quarter while trying to figure out the opponents defense and what they are giving up.  Punting is good. You can win field position that way. No scoring from the Ravens but they think they have discoved something that may work later on.


2nd Quarter: Ah! They fooled us! Thought we had something on them but it was a disguised coverage and anyway our receivers legs are just warming up.

And besides, we're only down by 10.


5:23 left in the half. FG! 10-3. Only down 1 score!!! But wait....they scored again.

under 2 minutes: The Ravens O actually does very good here. Situation:  17-3. "Hey! Times running out so we can't throw 3 yard dump offs or run our routes 2-3 yards short of the sticks. "Guys, I know this is asking a lot out of you but just for this series, please run farther down the field. Oh. It's time to pass protect." Score! 17-10!

3rd quarter: Damn! These halftimes go fast! No time to make any adjustments!   :zzz: Anyway.... Don't make any mistakes. We're only down by 7. Don't want it to get worse. Let's fool them and not run the ball. We want to go into the 4th quarter with a chance to win the game. Besides, all that talk about how important it is to win the 3rd Quarter is overrated. Besides, we have the best kicker in the game! 2 FG's 24-16. Yea the other team got lucky and scored a TD.


4th Quarter: This quarter goes 2 ways. Way #1: Shit! We gotta get going guys! And they score 14 points. But the other team scored 7. 31-30. Just couldn't get Tucker in range for the game winner.

Way #2 We have a 10 point lead. Don't do anything stupid. Now we can run the ball. They'll never guess that....and go back to the 2-3 yard dump offs. We have a great defense. "OH Shit! They scored 14! What's with Carr?! And where were Jefferson and Weedle? But...Ravens score a TD. Down by 4. 2 minute offense again and it's working....at the 30...4th down...the pass goes to Wallace/Perriman/Moore/...dropped! Boy that sure was exciting. We didn't quit! :gorave:


18 March 2018 - 12:54 PM

7:45 tip off tonight vs K State


17 March 2018 - 03:26 PM

Every basket....