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In Topic: Let's Make It Official: It's a Rebuild

Today, 05:07 AM

On the WR situation; the Ravens need players who can play like Hines Wart.

Run blockers and fire drill guys who can get open and in position for Lamar as he scrambles.

Lamar can extend most plays and that is a defense gasser and killer.

This actually has to be in the playbook and practiced 10,000 times.






Maybe worth a look...


Could a receiver-needy team pull the trigger on a similar low-risk, high-upside deal with Bryant this offseason?

New Orleans is expected to sign tight end Jared Cook to complement Michael Thomas, but the Saints could always use more weapons, especially with Mark Ingram out the door, and already showed interest in Bryant. The Baltimore Ravens were interested in Dez's services last year and just recently lost John Brown and Michael Crabtree in free agency. Word is the New York Giants just lost a pass-catcher, too.

The start of the 2019 season is more than five months away, so there's no rush for Bryant to sign anywhere, especially considering he's still in the throes of rehab. But when he's healthy, Dez's services as a veteran receiver will be in demand...http://www.nfl.com/n...-in-free-agency

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Yesterday, 04:13 PM

dr-strangelove-peter-sellers.jpg?w=450"What do you think Mike?"



Maybe the greatest consolation for Ravens fans is that the Cleveland Browns are still the Cleveland Browns.

That’s their hope.

The Browns appear to have loaded up for the 2019 season with their own dream team, but if there is one franchise that could turn this into a nightmare, it’s Cleveland......https://www.baltimor...0320-story.html

In Topic: Future QB backup/mentor

21 March 2019 - 05:23 PM

Breaking News that only ER posters know about and nobody else will know first but us:


It's RG3. Pending passing the physical.

Maybe...they draft a QB in the later rounds but it looks set for this season.

In Topic: Future QB backup/mentor

21 March 2019 - 03:32 PM

I'm with Spen and OTR on this. I see the same things so far.

Lamar was thrown in cold and had to learn and adopt on the fly. I'm re watching his games and at times he shows very good awareness and good accuracy. That's something to build on. He has a great QB coach in James Urban who did a great job with McNabb and Vick.

Roman will put all the pieces together.

Lamar has valuable experience after playing 7 games. There is plenty to build on and with.

In Topic: Let's Make It Official: It's a Rebuild

21 March 2019 - 11:20 AM

I'm still talking "Rebuild" here.


When using that word it means to me that it will be very hard, if not impossible, to win the AFC North and hard to make the playoffs this season.

The situation here is similar to the one the Browns faced heading into 2018 season. They went 9-7 barely missing the playoffs but with a lot of player and team development over the season. Then a strong off season has them standing with a lot of hope for this year. 10-6...11-5 does not seen unreasonable.


I see the Ravens in this light.

Any hope for the Ravens this year lies in "Parity" and a watered down league.

It's lies in Eric DeCosta's roster building vision and having a very good draft that will fill the holes, add team depth and bare fruit next year. There's too much to accomplish in one year.


Lamar needs receivers. He needs a solid O line that can excel in run blocking and hold their own in pass protection. He has excellent TE's and Ingram should be a great safety valve. Snead will contribute but Lamar has no true #1 WR to throw to. Plus....he has to develop as a solid at least average passer. There's no guarantee that will happen.

The D needs players who can pressure the QB and LB's who are fast and can cover.


In short, there's a lot of needs and holes to fill. When you factor in that it takes time and experience playing together for team units to mature and play fast, instinctive football, then "Yes" it's a rebuild year.