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How Many Millions of $'s does O's Pitching Staff Make?

25 June 2017 - 10:15 AM

Does anybody know?


You can see where this is heading.

Pissing away a great opportunity

22 May 2017 - 04:46 PM

America has gained great wealth through science and technology and a financially secure and prosperous future is right in front of us if we go all in on green technology...

But....we'd rather live in 1900 and perhaps, not live at all.



In the video, Marcon extends a bold invitation to those interested in fighting climate change and innovating new green technologies, saying, “Please, come to France, you are welcome. We like innovation. We want innovative people. We want people working on climate change, energy, renewables, and new technologies. France is your nation. ” 

Yet as Marcon’s video encouraging American scientists to jump ship clearly points out, it is abandoning the fight against climate change that will take away U.S. jobs. The economic risks of ignoring the emerging global market for clean energy are real. By abdicating its leadership role on global climate change and backing away from policies that support the Paris Climate Pledge, the Trump administration is — perhaps unwittingly — removing incentives for American companies to compete and innovate at the forefront of clean energy. And its actions to defund education and research in fundamental areas and limit immigration will further undermine U.S. potential as a crucible for invention and commercialization.

The rest of the world will not wait. In 2016, China invested $103 billion in clean energy, compared to a paltry $44.1 billion in the U.S. — and this was under the climate-friendly Obama administration. The market for clean energy technology is global, and China is eager to tap it. Meanwhile, the group of leading U.S. renewable energy providers will focus elsewhere for market growth, and may even relocate to the largest markets. Locating in lead markets with highly demanding users can sharpen competitive edge, while remaining in a stagnating market with fading or uncertain support can erode it...http://thehill.com/b...icas-economy-at


There's Hope

22 May 2017 - 04:38 PM

Here's a ray of sunshine through the smog....



According to research released last week at a United Nations climate meeting in Germany, China and India should easily exceed the targets they set for themselves in the 2015 Paris Agreement signed by more than 190 countries. China’s emissions of carbon dioxide appear to have peaked more than 10 years sooner than its government had said they would. And India is now expected to obtain 40 percent of its electricity from non-fossil fuel sources by 2022, eight years ahead of schedule....China and India are finding that doing right by the planet need not carry a big economic cost and can actually be beneficial. By investing heavily in solar and wind, they and others like Germany have helped drive down the cost of those technologies to a point where, in many places, renewable sources can generate electricity more cheaply than dirtier sources of energy like coal. In a recent auction in India, developers of solar farms offered to sell electricity to the grid for 2.44 rupees per kilowatt-hour (or 3.79 cents). That is about 50 percent less than what solar farms bid a year earlier and about 24 percent less than the average price for energy generated by coal-fired power plants...https://www.nytimes....india.html?_r=0


Now if we can wake up and dump Trump the USA will get back into the solution.

Super Bowl Window is Closed.

17 May 2017 - 05:33 PM

It's Twilight Time.....37061_f520.jpg




Pittsburgh Steelers

FO Projection: 13-3, SOS 27th

Be wary of any team whose success weighs heavily on the shoulders of a running back.

With Le'Veon Bell performing at top levels last season, the Steelers won eight games in a row from Week 11 to a division round playoff win over the Chiefs. (Bell sat out a meaningless Week 17 game, as did many of Pittsburgh's starters.) Bell averaged over 180 yards from scrimmage during that time and was dominant in the playoffs -- until a groin injury sidelined him early in the AFC championship game against the Patriots, a game which the Steelers ended up losing by 19 points.

Bell has already had offseason surgery with no timetable set for his return, and he has been given the franchise tag, which could make him even more cautious next season if he doesn't get a long-term deal. But that doesn't just fall on Bell's shoulders, because I believe that Pittsburgh is just too fragile in general. If one of their big three players goes down -- Bell, Ben Roethlisberger or Antonio Brown -- the rest of the house of cards goes with them. Roethlisberger has to be an even bigger concern, as the 35-year-old is not a stranger to getting hurt and impending retirement has been a topic of discussion all offseason for him.

On defense, Pittsburgh is either old, inexperienced or average. Who is the star on that side of the ball that carries the Steelers? Ryan Shazier? James Harrison? T.J. Watt? No Steelers player had more than five sacks or more than three interceptions, and they'll also have to replace Lawrence Timmons, a leader on that side of the ball for the past 10 seasons. Can Pittsburgh win 13 games? Yes. But it looks more like a 10-win team that may have lost ground to the Ravens.......http://www.msn.com/e...=BBnba9I#page=3


From the Invisible to the Visible

16 May 2017 - 05:57 PM

That's the only way the Ravens will have a good offense this year.


I read this quote from Campanaro....



“You see the articles and stuff. It’s more motivation than anything. You’ve got to have confidence in yourself to go out and prove them wrong," Campanaro said.

“We have guys, including myself, who are going to show up big."


Now...these "Guys" have been invisible so far...Perriman, Campanaro, Moore, Matthews......

So the Purple Kool Aid here is that all of a sudden, out of nowhere, these guys become reliable, key receiving targets!  :gorave:

They have been hiding in the wings and now they will rise to the occasion and passing game solved!


The same thing is going to happen with the O line. 

Yes it is! I swear!!  :gorave:

Currently, there are 2 invisible guys who will man this line with Stanley, Lewis and Yanda and turn it into one solid O line. 

Ozzie knows this. He knows what he's been hiding, developing and cooking in God's oven.

That's why he went all D in the draft! 

He's the architect of 2 Super Bowl rosters and he's working on his third.

In August 2000 who saw a Super Bowl that year? We were all hoping for our first winning season...maybe go 9-7.

Who in  August 2012 saw that coming?

Other than crav.


The key to this is to suspend logic, disbelief and scepticism. That's for corporate dumbies.

What you have seen in the past is not what you are going to see now! :thumbup:


We must have faith in our team, coaches and players.

These guys..."Our Guys"...believe in themselves.

And I'm with them. They are going to fight, scrap and claw their way out of being invisible to being visible.

Just like the leaves just did.

One minute...not there. Next...Boom!

Part of being a fan...fanatic...is not being rational.

Something that has come easily to me all my life.


i can see this happening.

Can't you?


So we got an O nobody saw coming.

The D becomes as advertised for this year.

We got Tucker.


Super Bowl!