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Reality should begin to settle in tonight

09 August 2018 - 10:38 AM

The Rams are a very good team, deep in talent and according to many writers a legit Super Bowl contender. They will be a great measuring stick for the Ravens to see if they have improved and are moving forward to being a better team than last years squad.

We have heard all the positive camp reports and of course I want to hear that and buy into that. I'm a fan.  :gorave:  Yet after following this game all my life I also know better. All around the NFL fans are gushing about their teams...because reality hasn't struck.

And I know this is a meaningless preseason game. It doesn't count. It will be forgotten. Most of them are boring.

What draws me is Competition. That isn't meaningless to me. I don't care if it's our slappies Baltimore Slappies, competing against some other cities slappies. They are Our Slappies!...in a sense.  :yeah:  Baltimores!

Go kick some ass! :cop:


BTW...I'm an old...gulp...Baltimore Colts fan. The Rams had some great teams back in the day and the Balitmore Colts/Rams games were slug fests.

Anybody remember Merlin Olsen?



So how will this years Ravens perform against a very good Rams team?

Iron sharpens iron right?


The Rams have an excellent D line and secondary. The Ravens receivers have to show that they can get open and make plays. Doing it against the Ravens D day in and out is one thing. They are used to each other. Doing it against the Rams is a whole different level.

The Ravens O line will be missing Yanda and could get pushed around tonight and wreck any chance for the passing game to take flight. Joe won't have time to throw.

Will the Ravens be able to run?

Will the linebackers be able to cover?

The Ravens are looking for a punt returner.

Tucker's another one to watch. He's been missing some kicks in camp. Yea...everyday it seems like one. So I have a Tucker watch. I want to be able to comfortably leave my seat to go to the bathroom as he trots out onto the field. :fishin:


It should be a level playing field as this is basically game 1 of the preseason and everything is a work in progress for both teams. With out game planing and playing vanilla, basic football, this will come down to who has the best overall talent. Who's talent has developed the best? Both teams will emerge with a better awareness of the areas that they need to improve


There's a ton of Ravens players who I'm interested in watching...known and unknown.


Will this be a sloppy, ugly 10-3 game? I'm kind of tired of playing ugly. I'll be looking for some hope, some improvement over last years roster.

Not looking forward to work tomorrow on little sleep. :laugh:



Ravens Not Done with HOF

06 August 2018 - 04:03 PM


Ed Reed (next year): “Arguably the greatest safety to ever play the game, Ed Reed is a slam-dunk as a first-ballot Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee.”

Terrell Suggs: “Terrell Suggs seems like a virtual lock for the Hall of Fame at this point in his career. The man known as ‘T-Sizzle’ has 125.5 career sacks and 34 forced fumbles. … Suggs is also a 7x Pro Bowl selection and ranks 17th all-time on the sack list, and could easily cross into the top 10 if he plays another year-or-two. Suggs definitely has the hardware and the stat sheet to justify a Hall of Fame selection, but that doesn’t do justice to the kind of player that Suggs truly is.”

Marshal Yanda: “So long as Marshal Yanda returns to form following his broken ankle that cost him the majority of his 2017 season, there’s no reason to doubt that Yanda will find himself in the Pro Football Hall of Fame one day. … Already regarded as one of the best offensive guards of the last decade, Yanda was perhaps on his way to bragging rights as one of the best to ever play in the NFL.”

Haloti Ngata: “Defensive linemen have a hard time getting into the Hall of Fame because of so much discussion over what stats make a good resume for induction. … Rant aside, Haloti Ngata is one of the greatest nose tackles of all-time, hands down. What Ngata was able to do as a gap-eating, pressure producing big-man is unheard of.”

Justin Tucker: “The most accurate kicker of all-time, Justin Tucker may still have a long road ahead of him thanks to the position he plays, but he’s on the right track. With a Super Bowl title to his name and a couple First-Team All-Pro nods, Tucker is definitely fairing towards G.O.A.T. status.”..https://www.baltimor...in-joint-practi


They have Mosley in the conversation too.



C.J. Mosley: “Half-man. Half-amazing. C.J. Mosley will probably live forever in the shadow of Ray Lewis as a great inside linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens, but my goodness is he still a tremendous player. In just four seasons in the league, Mosley is already a 3x Pro Bowl and Second-Team All-Pro selection with nearly 500 career tackles and eight sacks and interceptions.”

Bradshaw also names wide receiver Steve Smith Sr., wide receiver Anquan Boldin and safety Eric Weddle as possibilities, but all three played the majority of their careers for another team(s). Read Bradshaw’s reasoning for all three here.


I think Ozzie should get in as a GM.


Art definitely belongs there.

Ray's Hall of Fame Speech

05 August 2018 - 03:35 PM








Biggest Team Weakness

05 August 2018 - 11:29 AM

At the moment, with very little evidence because of how early everything is, the running game concerns me the most.

The back ups runners Thursday night didn't show anything.

Dixon can't be counted on.

That leaves Collins and Allen. Both were solid last year.


The backups on the O line Thursday night were not fundamentally sound and completely out of sync. They lost most match ups.


So the hope is that the return of Lewis and Yanda brings back the stability and cohesiveness of the line. Maybe Brown helps with the road grading. Williams and Boyle will help too.

Also, if the passing game improves, then that will set up the run by stopping teams from putting 8 in the box.


They have 4 pre season games to come together as a unit.

I would like to see a 50/50 run pass ratio this pre season because both elements need work and experience.

Likely to Implode

29 July 2018 - 09:16 AM

They made the list of teams most likely to implode....




Cincinnati Bengals
Marvin Lewis has been coaching this team for too long. Employed in the same post since 2003, Lewis has failed to deliver a playoff victory in that span, with seven one-and-done appearances.

It’s saying a lot that in an AFC North featuring the perpetually terrible Cleveland Browns and a Baltimore Ravens quarterback controversy, the Bengals are the team likeliest in the division to fall apart in 2018.

Cincinnati’s own field general, Andy Dalton, feasts on bad competition and can’t get it done in the playoffs. The pressure will be too great on Lewis and Dalton, and the Bengals will blow this thing up when they post a third straight losing season......https://www.msn.com/...BBnb7Kz#image=6


Tampa, Raiders, Seahawks, Jags, Dolphins, Broncos and Bills are on it.

I think the Steelers should be on it too.  :thumbup: