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This seems like a favorable, yet not unreasonable view of the Ravens.

It covers the whole current situation in the AFC North and is a good read.





3. Ravens are also well positioned for the future

What the Ravens did last year was remarkable. In the middle of the season, they actually managed to swap out a long-entrenched starter for a rookie who couldn't really throw the ball with accuracy on a consistent basis and still win the AFC North.

Having already made the difficult, but entirely necessary switch away from Joe Flacco and to Lamar Jackson, the Ravens entered the offseason knowing that they needed to build around Jackson. Though they wound up losing linebacker C.J. Mosley, pass rushers Terrell Suggs and Za'Darius Smith, and safety Eric Weddle, the Ravens did well to land Earl Thomas -- the best single-high safety in football -- and running back Mark Ingram in free agency. They've yet to address their holes up front (offensive coordinator Greg Roman has talked about the importance of building a strong offensive line in front of Jackson) or at wide receiver (their best receiver might actually be Willie Snead), but the draft is still to come.

In short, this Ravens team is still very flawed after free agency. They got better in some areas (safety and running back), but worse in others (linebacker and the pass rush). Ingram and Thomas are two strong additions, but the losses of Mosley, Suggs, and Smith, and their lack of a starting-caliber receiver can't be ignored. Unless they have an incredible draft, the Ravens are going to enter the upcoming season as a good, but flawed team that is hoping its young quarterback can make the leap as a passer from erratic to consistent. Don't be surprised if they adopt a run-heavy approach once again and lean on their defense.But the Ravens should remain competitive. Under John Harbaugh since 2008, they've finished below .500 only once. This past season, they went 10-6, finished sixth in DVOA, and ranked sixth in point differential. They did that with Flacco (a bad starting quarterback) and Jackson (a developmental rookie). If Jackson can take a moderate step forward as a passer while maintaining his explosiveness as a runner, and if the defense can remain one of the league's bests, the Ravens should be back there competing with the Steelers for a playoff spot...Unlike the Steelers, the Ravens are well positioned in the long term with a promising, young quarterback. The key is Jackson. If he takes the next step as a passer, the Ravens should return to the playoffs in the short term too....https://www.cbssport...-of-the-browns/


On The Take

18 March 2019 - 05:50 PM

Conflict of Interest doesn't exist for some people.

Get in a position of power and authority and the temptation to make deals that increase your finances is too much for many people to handle.

Then there are those who seek power and authority solely to gain wealth.

Selfless public servant?????

They no longer exist at the higher levels of government.


So...here we are with another crappy Mayor of Baltimore.



More than 8,000 copies of a children’s book written by Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh are sitting in a Baltimore school system-owned warehouse, according to a spokeswoman.

The mayor has come under fire after The Baltimore Sun reported that Pugh had failed to fully disclose a longstanding business deal with the University of Maryland Medical System, where she served as a board member until this week. The hospital system has purchased $500,000 worth of “Healthy Holly” books, which Pugh self-published, between 2011 and 2018....A third of the members of the hospital network’s board of directors had business deals with the system worth hundreds of thousands of dollars each,according to a review by The Sun. The goods and services they provided the system ranged from consulting to pest control to civil engineering.

The revelation has sparked outrage in the General Assembly: House of Delegates Speaker Michael Busch — who also sits on the medical system’s board — said he can’t “remember a scandal of this scale taking place since I’ve been in office.” Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller said the hospital system’s “self-dealing” represented a “huge disaster” for the state. Gov. Larry Hogan has called for reforms....https://www.baltimor...0318-story.html


8,000 unused copies. Must not be much of a book.

Most of her apology....if you can call it that....was about her book and wanting to help children.

If so, then why not break even?...make no profit because she is the Mayor and on this Board of Directors....and simply wants to help children.


Let's Make It Official: It's a Rebuild

12 March 2019 - 06:01 PM

So many players are gone. It's crazy.

It started with Flacco and has been snowballing.

Like Eisenberg says....


Let me put it this way: Having already set out to rebuild their offense around quarterback Lamar Jackson, the Ravens now seemingly have to rebuild their defense, too.....https://www.baltimor...eismic-shake-up


What the hell is Decosta up too?!

What did Martindale do to piss him off?


As a Ravens fan I have to look at this and think.

And that stresses me out.

Right now it looks like the Browns are going to win the North this year! :scared:


Stress Break!



OK. I'm going to minimize, justify and rationalize this:

They lost a ton of brains and leadership on defense. Suggs, Weddle and Mosley...but....(this is where I twist the truth to suit me)...BUT!....really... who and what did they lose that really hurts?

ZaDarius and CJ.You can't give Mosley a 5 year, 85 mil with 51 mil guaranteed. You can if you want to kill the CAP and hamstring this team.

The rest?

DeCosta is moving towards younger, faster, stronger....and CAP friendly contracts.


That's my spin and I'm sticking with it for....about 5 minutes.

See ya!


Foles $50 Mill Guaranteed

11 March 2019 - 05:12 PM


The Jacksonville Jaguars will sign former Eagles quarterback Nick Foles to a four-year deal worth $88 million, according to ESPN and multiple sources.

The deal includes $50.125 million in guaranteed money, a source tells ESPN's Adam Schefter.


I really love the guy. As far as I'm concerned he's proven himself on the field and by how well he's handled everything off it. He's climbed the mountain twice and planted the flag once. The Jags are fortunate...and a little short on cash at the moment.

Brown, Not Rooney, Real Steeler Owner

10 March 2019 - 04:28 PM

The Steelers threw in the terrible towel and cried "No mas, No mas!"



In making this trade now, the Steelers are passing up the opportunity to keep one of the five best wideouts in football on their roster for $22.2 million of cap space for the opportunity to eat $21.1 million in dead money on their 2019 cap and let that guy play for somebody else. For a team regularly in contention with an aging quarterback to willingly turn 11 percent of its salary cap into dead money requires a very specific, strange set of circumstances to go wrong. To make that decision and net a pair of midround picks is potentially unprecedented..they will owe $21.1 million in dead money on their cap for Brown this year, which is believed to be the largest single-season dead money total for a player in league history....http://www.espn.com/...ers-raiders-won