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Of course the reports are good.... :gorave:



For all the talk about Lamar Jackson’s throwing, he had a strong day Thursday. He had good zip on his passes and was accurate at all levels of the field. He did miss some throws and there were a few wobbly passes that bothered him, but that will happen and he has time to iron them out. All-and-all, it was a good showing. Second-year defensive end Zach Sieler stood out on several occasions, including keeping Jackson contained on a rollout and batting down another pass. The 6-foot-6 seventh-round pick (Ozzie Newsome’s final pick) could end up replacing departed Brent Urban.
Cornerback Marlon Humphrey had a very nice interception, leaping to make a nice play on the ball along the sideline. He picked off the pass by Robert Griffin III, then launched the ball in celebration. Humphrey is looking to get more picks this year.
Outside linebacker Tyus Bowser was active off the edge, tipping one pass and nearly intercepting it, and looking good in coverage.
New veteran outside linebacker Shane Ray passes the eye test. He’s huge and seemingly in great shape. Veteran Pernell McPhee also looks to be in good shape. Both were praised by Head Coach John Harbaugh.............https://www.baltimor...-ready-for-more




McPhee, Floyd, Ray, Powers, Horn...Yawn...

17 May 2019 - 05:28 PM

Didn't Floyd turn down the Ravens a few years ago? Now that he's washed up, they suddenly look good to him. This is like his 5th team in the last 5 years.

My guess is Brown won't be ready due to his foot. That takes 12-15 months to heal from what I hear. It took Jimmy Smith that long.

I like McPhee of the Ravens past....he was great....after that he forgot how to play at a high level and has been a disappointment. I'll call this a no confidence vote for Williams and Bowser...if only he could play like Bowser. He did save my life once. I was heading to heart attack city and then he picked off Brady.


Same for Ray.


You can call it depth yet to me iIt looks like they got slower.

First Impressions on Ravens Draft

27 April 2019 - 04:56 PM

Like every draft, teams can't fill every need and we do not know who will turn into solid contributors at this point in time.

This could be the best Ravens draft ever, or the worst. Time will tell.


My first thoughts:


:bow:  Eric DeCosta! :yeah:


He showed his hand at what kind of team he wants to and will field. He got Lamar and got rid of Joe. He got the play making tight ends last year. Now he added 3 fast play makers in Hill, Boykin and Brown.

Defenses can try to play the usual "stack the box and force Lamar to beat them with his arm."

Please do.Because if any one of these players gets even with you, you just lost. 30...40...yards or TD!

If they play back a little to protect the field then they will get run over.

He went Need.

He definitely got value. He got great value.

But he went Need.

This offense is going to be so much fun to watch. It was last year once Lamar started.


Here's what happened. Like us, Eric has sat for 23 years watching inept, stumbling, bumbling Ravens offenses. It hurt his brain. It burned his eyes. This caused his head to explode once he got the chance to put an end to it.


Call it sideways anger, a resentment tsunami...payback baby...yippie ki yo ki yea mofo...HE FRIGGN HEARD OUR PAIN!



oh...changing of the guard or pecking order here; This team is built to win the North, but now, all these moves counter what the Browns have done.

Think about that match up.






MV5BMTQyMTYwNDE4MV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwODU0 So how do you feel about the Ravens draft and how the roster is starting to come together?

He has the car. Can he turn the key?

27 April 2019 - 05:56 AM

There is a ton of talent on this 2019 Ravens offensive roster.

A ton of speed. They could keep defenses off balance, confused and out of position.

Any missed tackle "could be" a TD. That's real pressure.


Success hinges one one guy. They have to be able to successfully pass or water in the gas tank will choke it out.




While Jackson has been working on his mechanics this offseason, Baltimore has invested in his future.[b] It's all on Jackson's shoulders at this point to turn four recent wide receiver selections into at least an average passing attack...........https://www.msn.com/...WlvgF?ocid=U508


Lamar has been putting in the hard work. He's confident.

And he looks very excited at the presents Eric has provided.



One Fine Day 2

27 April 2019 - 03:30 AM

The next Julio Jones and Terrell Suggs...Come on Down! :gorave:



Baltimore Ravens
Draft picks: Oklahoma WR Marquise Brown (No. 25 overall); Louisiana Tech OLB Jaylon Ferguson (No. 85); Notre Dame WR Miles Boykin (No. 93)
Day 1 grade: A
Day 2 grade: A
Overall grade: A
Draft analysis: Multiple NFL general managers told me they would have a hard time picking Brown, a 166-pound receiver, in the first round. Sure, he lacks size, but his talent reminds me of DeSean Jackson, who was also under 170 pounds at the NFL Scouting Combine when he came out. If Brown has that sort of career, the Ravens will have done well. Plus, they gained two Day 3 picks (Nos. 127 and 197) by trading down three spots in a deal with the Eagles and still selecting the guy they likely wanted at No. 22.

Ferguson joins former third-round pick Tim Williams as a developing pass rusher for the Ravens. Ferguson could have gone much earlier, so I suspect Baltimore fans will come to appreciate his talents. Adding a larger receiver in Boykin made sense with the lack of wideout depth for Ravens. They should be looking for an inside linebacker as well as a young corner to develop behind Jimmy Smith and Brandon Carr, who are both well in their 30s, on Saturday.


Obviously we'll know in a couple of years how well these guys pan out yet right now it looks like Eric is striking gold.

What a great find for third round picks.