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#104417 Why do we need five running backs?

Posted by OneManCypher on 18 April 2016 - 03:10 PM

every players weight effects there play on the field, he did get lazy once in got to the NFL but his ineffectiveness at 238LBS instead of 218LBS and the year out of the league will light a match under him. teams in the SEC are not burger flippers and car salesman , but even if you are right what is it really costing the ravens if he doesn't pan out?

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#98837 So no one is going to say it

Posted by OneManCypher on 24 October 2015 - 12:12 PM

here we go with this Joe carried the team to the superbowl crap, well why can't he carry us now. during the run , the defense gave up 9 points to Indy , 21 points to peyton and that was over 5 quarters , and 13 points the the pats, the superbowl  they let the niners back in the game but that was the only game where the defense didn't play great but Joe carried us. Joe played great during the run and you people are going to remind anyone that says anything bad about Joe what he did in them 4 games. Joe can't carry a team and he never carried the Ravens, the TEAM got hot at the right time and Joe is getting all the credit for it. Now that the heart and soul of the team is gone we see that Joe can't carry ISH. In a league of 32 starting QB's he's in the middle of the pack,and  i'm fine with that. Joe you got your money , now lets work out a team friendly deal so we can get back to the superbowl. Your Jock riders will give you all the credit again. 

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