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  2. That was the Chiefs game that I passed on because after that I flew to San Diego to bring her home on a cross country drive. Close quarters in a car for 7 days. Too risky. I got my booster shot yesterday. Not feeling any side effects.....
  3. I thought you were being careful because of your daughter or was that another member?
  4. I don't think our backs and O-line are capable of a sustained running attack. Like Pops I think this turns into a shootout.
  5. I worry they will do the same thing. This looks like a shootout for sure. LA has been in a couple this yr.
  6. With wide receiver Sammy Watkins (thigh) ruled out for Sunday’s game, coach John Harbaugh said the first-round pick will “probably” play. View the full article
  7. In the time Lamar Jackson has played for the Ravens, he’s gotten a live look at most of the young quarterbacks who could vie with him for supremacy at the NFL’s glamour position over the next decade. Sunday, he'll have his first dance with Justin Herbert. View the full article
  8. We should run Sunday like Forrest Gump
  9. Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson is on track to play in Sunday’s game against the Chargers after returning to practice Friday. View the full article
  10. I got this information from FiveThiryEight. Here's a problem that needs to be fixed: As a team, Baltimore is converting its third downs just 34.5 percent of the time, 27th in the NFL and 6.1 percentage points below league average. So far the Ravens have been great on 1st and 2nd downs converting to a 1st down 40% of the time. Justin Herbert And Lamar Jackson Are Crushing It … On Different Downs | FiveThirtyEight Bart Scott.
  11. Todays Question: Are the Ravens going to show a more run heavy offense Sunday to keep Herbert off the field? Fact Why strategy could change...
  12. Yes! I am also willing to do detention and offer it up.
  13. The Ravens defense will face one of its most difficult challenges of the season when second-year quarterback Justin Herbert and the Los Angeles Chargers come to town. View the full article
  14. Here’s how The Baltimore Sun sports staff views the outcome of Sunday’s Week 6 game between the Ravens (4-1) and Los Angeles Chargers (4-1) at M&T; Bank Stadium. View the full article
  15. As the Ravens and Lamar Jackson approach Sunday’s showdown against the Chargers, their offense is through the looking glass. View the full article
  16. “I think you probably expect him to play in this game, with Sammy being out," said Harbaugh about rookie WR Rashod Bateman. "We’ll see how he does.” View the full article
  17. Last week
  18. No doubt. Why did they not do this yrs ago? BC they were not in trouble then.
  19. Another clasless move by Little Danny boy; announcimg TODAY that they will retire Shaun Taylor's jersey THIS SUNDAY.... What, you couldn't announce a month ago? Two weeks ago? Even a week ago? You couldn't wait until the next home game? Oh wait, people are talking about all of the emails with naked, topless cheerleaders of the WFT, clearly a move to try and distract from those emails.... Hey, show us, not your boobs, show us all of the emails...
  20. Baltimore Sun staff writers pick every game of the NFL season. Here’s who they have winning in Week 6. View the full article
  21. Max, shall we throw in a couple of decades of the rosary, too ? A couple shots of holy water, too
  22. Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson, who was not listed on Wednesday’s injury report, has now missed at least one practice in three of the team’s last four weeks. View the full article
  23. “Hollywood Brown would not start on any of these other units that we consider,” former Ravens linebacker Bart Scott said of wideout Marquise Brown on ESPN's "First Take" program. “He wouldn’t start for the Bills. He wouldn’t start for Kansas City. He wouldn’t start for Aaron Rodgers.” View the full article
  24. Greg Roman said there’s a “chance” that Ravens rookie Rashod Bateman could play Sunday against the Los Angeles Chargers. View the full article
  25. ..John Urschel (@JohnCUrschel) In case you didn't know, I got my PhD from MIT math (!) and I'm now a member at the Institute for Advanced Study, in Princeton NJ. I've only been here two weeks, but I love it already. They did a little profile of myself and three other scholars: https://t.co/Kl99kq31CH Ken McKusick (@FilmstudyRavens) The Ravens have 4 players averaging over 9 yards per target with at least 8 receptions: Sammy Watkins: 9.13 Mark Andrews: 10.53 Marquise Brown: 11.87 James Proche: 13.11 In their history, there have only been 8 previous seasons of 9.0 or better with 20 receptions. PFF BAL Ravens (@PFF_Ravens) Highest-graded #Ravens through five games (min. 125 snaps): Mark Andrews, TE- 90.6 Calais Campbell, DI- 89.4 Lamar Jackson, QB- 87.1 Marquise Brown, WR- 82.8 Chuck Clark, S- 75.0 Sarah Ellison (@sgellison) Mark Andrews leads all NFL tight ends in receiving yards so far this season 1. Mark Andrews: 400 yards, 29 rec 2. Travis Kelce: 369, 30 3. Darren Waller: 319, 28 4. Kyle Pitts: 308, 24 5. Dalton Schultz: 280, 26 PFF BAL Ravens (@PFF_Ravens) Mark Andrews among TEs this season: 90.6 grade 89.9 receiving grade 400 receiving yards 11 explosive (15+ yard) catches Jeff Zrebiec (@jeffzrebiec) Marlon Humphrey was in Patrick Queen’s face after he missed that last tackle Ravens defense has been on skates on this drive.
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