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  2. Everybody's life has been turned upside down over the past year. Might as well become Vegans.
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  4. Mel Kiper Jr.: "I like the wide receiver position a lot. It’s the strongest position overall in this draft." View the full article
  5. Left tackle-needy teams and Ravens general manager Eric DeCosta alike will have to consider the same questions: First and foremost, is Brown actually better off at left tackle? View the full article
  6. I wonder how much money this will take out of judons pocket.
  7. Social media is out of control in professional sports, especially in the NFL. View the full article
  8. The former Atholton star had served as a quality control assistant at Maryland; it’s unclear what role will Robinson will have with the Ravens. View the full article
  9. Starting Monday the ER Board will conduct free dancing classes for members in our new spacious ballroom! Carry on.
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  11. The sad reality, Jamison likely had the info but either way, Mathew was way out of line with his personal attack.... Kick him to the curb
  12. Shit......let me be the first to post the strip club photos of Jamison.....
  13. vmax


    Add Major Bug Infestation to the list.... But hey! It's a beautiful spring like day outside. Enjoy it. It's been a long winter.
  14. Baltimore Beatdown: Ravens linebacker Matt Judon demands apology or threatens to leak photos. Where @jamisonhensley lying butt at? I got time today. Bro you have to stop lying, I know you want clicks and like and wanna be the people’s camp but stop lying. That weak. Jamison Hensley @jamisonhensley Hi Matthew. I was told that Ravens offered you a deal similar to Za’Darius’ ($16.5M per season) earlier t
  15. It’s been a good month for goodwill in the Ravens organization. View the full article
  16. Veteran wide receiver Dez Bryant’s brief time in Baltimore appears to be up. View the full article
  17. I've learned from watching politics this year that the only thing that's important is Ravens football.
  18. I think so. It's been a month. Bring the rollout under your control. The us govt paid for these doses so they can choose who gets them. I wish some media would ask what I proposed and why it isn't being taken over.
  19. Shouldn't that be fixed by now?
  20. Here’s a look at seven notable pending free agents and franchise tag candidates, including the Ravens’ pair of pass rushers. View the full article
  21. Former Ravens running back Jamal Lewis had a great career, but didn’t seem to fit into the class of the game's all-time best. At least, until now. View the full article
  22. Ted Patterson, a retired television and radio sports reporter and talk show host for 45 years and an author of baseball and football histories, died Thursday. He was 76. View the full article
  23. This is a few issue. I notice fla has almost more vaccine than they can use. I believe this is a political decision from the former potus to help a state he sees as favorable t9 him. Biden should have already federalized the rollout. Use the dod logistics computers to figure out importance of vaccination and deploy the dosages accordingly.
  24. This from Senator Van Hollen..... I've been registered and eligible to get the vaccine for almost a month. No reply from Baltimore County and the State. Don't get your hopes up on getting vaccinated any time soon.
  25. Oh No.... THEM! NOT THEM!!!!
  26. The Baltimore Sun staff writers answer the biggest Ravens questions, including what happens with one of the brightest young stars and which players the team might prioritize in free agency and the draft. View the full article
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