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  2. 3 games for Pouncey, 1 for Ogunjobi more discipline coming for others according to Espn...
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  4. Mason needs a suspension too.
  5. Domestic violence and on field violence make it an apples and oranges issue. It should be like a guy who takes an illegal shot
  6. I saw the lowlights; horrible. Bravo to Pouncy for sticking up for his teamate and all NFL players. I know emations are hard to control, especially in the heat of the moment. I also saw Mason grab Garret's helmet while they were on the ground after the roughing the passer... But to swing a helmet at another; as all of the current, former players are saying, is unacceptable. At least a suspension for the rest of this year, maybe even into next year. Pouncy will get a game or two as likely will Rudolph. This is what you get on thursday night games; end them. They are terribly played by one team or another and the players are clearly not physically nor mentally ready this soon from another game.
  7. He should suffer the same fate as Ray.
  8. Lol, I have the complete set, both trilogies, and surround sound... The best way to watch those movies...
  9. I'm still studying some charts and graphs......
  10. Tsyl, if you keep this up, I'm going to have to read the book again and see the movie again!
  11. Insiders predict: Baltimore Ravens - Favored to win: Baltimore Ravens - Spread: -4 - Odds: -210 - Houston Texans team stats: - Offense: 396.7 yards per game (#4 in the league) --- Passing offense: 253.9 ypg (#12) --- Rushing offense: 142.8 ypg (#4) - Defense: 361.4 yards per game (#19 in the league) --- Passing defense: 277.3 ypg (#29) --- Rushing defense: 84.1 ypg (#3) - Baltimore Ravens team stats: - Offense: 421.7 yards per game (#2 in the league) --- Passing offense: 224.4 ypg (#20) --- Rushing offense: 197.2 ypg (#1) - Defense: 344.1 yards per game (#14 in the league) --- Passing defense: 252.9 ypg (#20) --- Rushing defense: 91.2 ypg (#8) https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/insiders-predict-nfl-week-11-winners/ss-BBWHPeD?li=BBnbfcL&ocid=U508DHP#image=19 Huge Playoff implications for both teams so both should be chomping at the bit. Looking at stats only, I don't see a high scoring game because each team is playing strength vs strength. I think teams are going to do everything they can to keeps the Ravens O off the field so it can't get in rhythm, up and running. Lamar and DeShaun have almost identical stats. Lamar has 1 more rushing TD so that tells you how much of a threat DeShaun is with his feet, but DeShaun has done that on half the rushing attempts. Basically the same QB rating. I see war. This is not the Bengals but for the Ravens to win, Lamar has to play just as sharp as he did. It will not be as easy to march up and down the field. The Texans also have the luxury of coming off a bye week. Plenty of time to heal and prepare. It's Thursday. I'm worried.
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  13. EDC the grey wondered who could join this clan and make them stronger? He reached out earlier, but one could not feel his sword was right for the clan. Then master Peko saw the clan fight and he knew, yes, his sword would be right for their fight. He waited and hoped EDC the grey would send word, then suddenly the falcon swooped down with scroll. https://www.baltimoreravens.com/news/domata-peko-and-justin-ellis-thrilled-to-join-hot-ravens-squad
  14. Agreed; we are ranked too high. Rather be the hunter than hunted. Its all good though - nobody really watches these rankings, right ? Right ? Hopefully, this team maintains its edge and sense of urgency
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  16. Love the press, but when the enemy sees your torches from a mile away, they set traps to slow you down, to seperate your archers from the trebuche pullers and dissent sets in.... We must see that "The Beacons of Minas Tirith!" so that our help will arrive! What will Gondor answer!?!
  17. I'm just getting to this game. I need to do some research first....
  18. Wow! From USA Today.... Homer that I am, I wouldn't rank the Ravens that high. We can't play the "No Respect" card. Now if they win Sunday????
  19. One can dream.... http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001076226/article/recaps-from-the-future-how-the-2019-nfl-playoffs-played-out He got the final score wrong.
  20. Close game indeed. If, and its a huge if, both teams bring their A games, its a shootout and W goes to the last GW drive. If one team doesn't show up or turns it over, all bets are off. Otherwise, its a slobberknocker and one for the ages. Cant wait !
  21. Gonna be tough. Watson gives the Houston offense a weapon the Ravens defense has not seen before. He's much like Lamar. Lamar has more moves and a bit more overall talent than DeShaun especially in leadership. Watson is a mobile pocket passer. Not as many runs but has the stats to infer he is the better passer. Lamar is more explosive and is the better leader. They are very close in ability but Houston has the better defense. I'm leaning towards Houston at this point because of that but could easily change my mind.
  22. Don't bs shocked if his wife has more to do with it than anything else. She is a strong willed woman for women's rights and Brady's boss, the golden man, pun intended, was busted for having sex at a place that forces women into a sex life. I am sure that went over well at home when the news broke. It was not too long after that that the house went on the market..... This should get interesting. Billy B might stick around long enough to prove his coaching wasn't just Brady, though he did chose Brady in the 6th round. He also coached Brady into being one of the best. He also got more out of players than any other coach. Not many of them left the Pats and went on to stardom.
  23. Both teams equally matched, similar offenses, defenses the same. No Watt on their defense, but arguably the best wide receiver duo in the league with an extremely mobile, accurate passer in the pocket. Speaking of pockets, while their line has done better , they are still the weakest link on their team. Rush lanes are going to be paramount, teams have been pushing the Ravens rush defensers to the side to clump them, rather than hold them off. The result is less sacks and more openings for the qb to throw & or run. The two additions, Peko and Willis should help with run stopping but maybe also help give the pass rushers a rest so that they can then come in and T-off... They have given up 25 sacks this year. This game would make up for the blow out loss to the Browns at home. Their defense will be ready, 19th in the league, this should be an interesting game...
  24. Yep that is him, he and Willis are mansion sizes men, if they can stay healthy, my oh my...
  25. This should be a shootout. It should be fun watching Watson and Lamar trying to out do each other.
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