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    Pretty awesome weekend of football. 1-3 in my picks, there's a reason I don't gamble.
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    Are you going to camp out like last time? Let's take a peek at crav fishing...
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    crav we've never seen anything like this. The Ravens are the first team in the history of the NFL to average over 200 yards rushing and 200 yards passing a game for a season. Think about it. The O line steam rolled the Steeler D. They are ready to do the same in the playoffs. We may not have seen their best yet. Here...I'm bringing her out for you....and everybody...let's celebrate.
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    It was a friggn'n blast. The 4th quarter especially when that Ravens fan ripped his shirt off in the rain and we were doing the R-A-V-E-N-S!!! cheer. And then the players smelled blood in the water and basically went psycho. I brought rain gear and didn't need it and it was warm so that really helped. Wet and cold is no fun, but that was not the case today. The looks on the Steer fans were priceless and I did my thing innocently standing in their face with my AFC North Champs hat on... The Steelers had everything to play for. Instead... "They were sent forth into the weeping and gnashing of teeth..."
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    The game ball for Ozzie was cool.
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