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    crav we've never seen anything like this. The Ravens are the first team in the history of the NFL to average over 200 yards rushing and 200 yards passing a game for a season. Think about it. The O line steam rolled the Steeler D. They are ready to do the same in the playoffs. We may not have seen their best yet. Here...I'm bringing her out for you....and everybody...let's celebrate.
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    The game ball for Ozzie was cool.
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    Thinking or as he says (speculating) that Lamar Jackson is 'juicing' lmao! Can't make this stuff up.
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    I tell you...I was damned tired of watching the plodding offense we had before. Now, anything can happen on any play and the results so far have been great for us.. Hard to believe this team has changed so much in one year. I guess Roman and Wink will be head coaches elsewhere next year...good for them but sad for us. Maybe Bisciotti will make them an offer they can't refuse like he did with DaCosta.
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