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    So let's see if they allow this one from their site https://www.baltimoreravens.com/video/wired-marlon-humphrey-willie-snead-go-full-tilt-at-scrimmage
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    lol. I thought about buying one of my dad in Steelers gear. lol.
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    I couldn't write about his brutal and senseless murder when it first happened. His final words broke my heart, shocked me and tore me up. Racism, in any way that it is expressed, is so ugly, nasty and unclean. Hate is so brutally harmful in thought, word and deed. If anybody doesn't think that this is so, then watch the video and hear his final pleas. Try to imagine that George was your son. That was a physical manifestation. What about the "invisible scaring?" What about the daily mental, emotional and spiritual scars it leaves on black children and their families. On their hopes and dreams? A life long force in the American society beating you down....every day. How do you change the consciousness of a nation and raise it up? Hundreds of years of racism in the USA and thousands of years on this whole planet. Since man began recording history. I've lived through a part of this history having grown up in the 60's. Some hope and light began to shine and yet here we are...2020....and it feels like little change has been made. That doesn't mean to quit or give up. It took me a long time to see that "What I do to you, I do to me." In general, as a people, or "We the People," can't see that we are all connected.....that we are one and the same...that all life is sacred. I believe that many people do see, think and believe this. Nevertheless, racism, a powerful, negative force of evil, continues to thrive. It is necessary to have discussions on this and to raise our awareness. It is necessary to create constructive, loving solutions. Racism is rooted so deep. Awareness can lead to change, one person at a time, if the change happens in your innermost self. Than it will be expressed in your actions...in thought, word and deed. The solution is spiritual in nature. It's an"inside job" for all of us. This has been hard for me to write because I am far from perfect. I look at myself and feel, for my part, that I can and must do better. Like all of you, I am trying to grow and evolve into a better person. A brighter light. Here we are in this thing called life, which is difficult enough as it is. Why make it harder? Why not live it together? Take it on together. For George and his family I have no words. Only the feeling of love and empathy in your grief.
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    We'll bounce back. I hope we'll get a new President and Senate and things that need to get done will get done. As you said it's a long grocery list but we just have to make some real progress. In the meantime, I'm going to go drink my Lysol cocktail and swallow some lit light bulbs after that.
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    There is no way 9 players make this roster so trading up is the plan. With the 2020 college season in doubt I would not want late picks in 21 either so use that capital to move forward now. I would like to see them grab queen in the first. A wr in the 2nd. Also in the 2nd a oc/og. 3rd very good check down rb and passrish. 4th a dt and a de. I think only having 7 picks in the first 4 rounds makes strategic sense.
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    People are stupid. Let them be stupid. Gotta thin the heard somehow.
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    I got hot dogs! For my beans and toast. Yum.
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    Hello Force! 3 years is not enough time to grow up and mature. We're still arguing about what's on page one.....
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    Limbaugh is Trumps Goebbels. It's not the same thing, not the same level of evil, but it's Megalomania all the same. This fits the pattern of how it got out of control in Germany in the 30's. Everything is so scary out of control...
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    Waste of your fucking money????? The fucking GOP has been wasting fucking money for ever. That POS MItch has been blocking bills for years. Trump was impeached and will forever be an impeached POTUS. HAHAHA
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    It is absolutely bananas to me that three years since the last time I logged into here, you two cuties are still arguing like a married couple. Love it!
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    Pretty awesome weekend of football. 1-3 in my picks, there's a reason I don't gamble.
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    Are you going to camp out like last time? Let's take a peek at crav fishing...
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    crav we've never seen anything like this. The Ravens are the first team in the history of the NFL to average over 200 yards rushing and 200 yards passing a game for a season. Think about it. The O line steam rolled the Steeler D. They are ready to do the same in the playoffs. We may not have seen their best yet. Here...I'm bringing her out for you....and everybody...let's celebrate.
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    It was a friggn'n blast. The 4th quarter especially when that Ravens fan ripped his shirt off in the rain and we were doing the R-A-V-E-N-S!!! cheer. And then the players smelled blood in the water and basically went psycho. I brought rain gear and didn't need it and it was warm so that really helped. Wet and cold is no fun, but that was not the case today. The looks on the Steer fans were priceless and I did my thing innocently standing in their face with my AFC North Champs hat on... The Steelers had everything to play for. Instead... "They were sent forth into the weeping and gnashing of teeth..."
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    The game ball for Ozzie was cool.
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    lol. Hilarious. The pilot's boss and the pilot's mistress. It's the same person.
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    Ravens win, much like the last two games, it won’t be pretty, the jets will put up some resistance. Ravens 27 Jets 20, then you can come on here and scream Lamar can’t read defenses and doesn’t make the right choice on the read handoff, that should make you happy.
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    Thinking or as he says (speculating) that Lamar Jackson is 'juicing' lmao! Can't make this stuff up.
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    This is the best this defense has played in a couple of years!
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    10 plays, 90 yards almost 6 mins... Nice mix of run & pass...
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    EDC the grey wondered who could join this clan and make them stronger? He reached out earlier, but one could not feel his sword was right for the clan. Then master Peko saw the clan fight and he knew, yes, his sword would be right for their fight. He waited and hoped EDC the grey would send word, then suddenly the falcon swooped down with scroll. https://www.baltimoreravens.com/news/domata-peko-and-justin-ellis-thrilled-to-join-hot-ravens-squad
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    Nice find Spen. Love reading the views that fans of other teams have. Like this...uhhum!....cough...cough...
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    I'm not comparing the two Max, just an example, how people, coaches change, grow as they gain experience. I used Billy B because he was an average game manager when he started coaching, like Harbs, but learned and became one of the best. Talent & scheme can win many games, but game management can cost many more. It is what makes Billy B so great,
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    Start RG3? They can't shorten the game. Bengals are allowing 2 minute scoring drives. Dip in the ER pool anyone?
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    It is amazing right!?! Two super bowl wins, a lot of great games, two different styles of coaching. Billick has his flaws too, played his favorites, cost us games, just as Harbs. No coach is perfect, not even Billy B, but just as I like to see player development, I expect a coach to grow as well. Billy B grew as a coach, he is not the same guy who coached the Browns all those years ago. Harbs should grow and so far, he has not, maybe the Super Bowl win so early in his career has stunted him. Oh I know, he "changed" , willing to truly go running style qb as opposed to a pocket passer. But his ingame has not, Billy B's in game has changed over the years. He manages the game quite differently than he did as a coach for the Browns.
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    I tell you...I was damned tired of watching the plodding offense we had before. Now, anything can happen on any play and the results so far have been great for us.. Hard to believe this team has changed so much in one year. I guess Roman and Wink will be head coaches elsewhere next year...good for them but sad for us. Maybe Bisciotti will make them an offer they can't refuse like he did with DaCosta.
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