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  1. Flacco is the most important player on the Ravens moving forward. Anyone who thinks differently needs to re-examine the teams who have won the SB over the past couple of years. All of them have - what I would consider to be - elite QB's (Eli, Roethlisberger, Brady, Peyton, Brees, Rogers, etc). This isn't the 1980's (I wish someone would relay this info to Cam sometimes... ) where you can get to the SB with limited QB play. This is a passing league and Flacco has the arm and the talent to make every throw that a QB needs to make. I don't think he's worth top QB money, but I do think that a contract similar to what Eli got is in the ballpark (essentially a deal averaging $14-15mill per season).
  2. Did you guys catch what Cleveland's hidden treasure was or what the Bengal's apparent hidden treasure was? I think there are some positive things to say about the Ravens TE's (especially Pitta), but I don't see any hidden treasures there. Pitta is very consistent and reliable, but Dickson needs to be standing in front of a juggs machine catching passes for about 2 hours every day before he can be considered anything remotely close to a "treasure". The Ravens real treasure? Secondary.
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