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  1. I think it was lucky he was brought onto the staff. I called for him to be made OC right away. I never liked Marty.
  2. They have time on Brown. Staley not so much. This gets back to the NE method of using talent. ID those that you keep and trade those that you dont early enough to draft their replacements. If you are proactive you can stay competitive long term.
  3. Everyone wants to get a shot at the brass ring.
  4. Another question is Gurley's knee. No Gurley it should be easy. Gurley punishing with the rock it will be tough.
  5. Always looking to the future. Kicking the can down the road only gets you in binds.
  6. This might be the yr they bite the bullet and just release him.
  7. As well as this offense has been rolling and how much better Lamar has been since last yr I expect teams to come calling on Roman. So if he rolls this yr who in the hell will Harbs hire as the new OC? I really have no faith that he will make a good hire.
  8. They could easily play a bad game but I think they still squeeze it out. I think Peters will be very ready for this one. He could get the D ready for it too. I dont know. 24-20 Ravens.
  9. Have they really? I dont see that Snyder is looking in the mirror and thinking about what needs to be done to right he ship. When he starts losing season ticket holders he might think about it.
  10. And escalated. The fight was over then he comes in swinging and grabbing for balls.
  11. Give him time to learn. You can move him around to get off free more often too. Remember about a decade ago when they were talking about not getting off free and everyone was screaming about bunching the WRs? That can come back again. Run some crossing patterns. But I was talking about Boykin. Thats who you last mentioned. HE has been the more disappointing of the 2.
  12. I think he can. Most WRs need some time to work on their craft. He showed good hands. He can work on his route running this off season.
  13. Until he makes the exact same mistake he has made before again. I see him do it all the time. He just cant be trusted to make the right call in a crunch situation. Also his game mang sucks. He again makes the same mistakes all the time. Today that fake that blew up in his face is a good example. It was unneeded and gave some hope to the Texans.
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