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  1. I also don't see how it will work. It's not like a shield will be air tight. In the scrum breath will be shared.
  2. Oakley is developing a shield to attach to facemasks. Not sure how that works though.
  3. I know for a fact that they expect major rioting. The NG is training to suppress it now. I was advised not to be around annapolis.
  4. If they are like the NBA and a layer tests positive then they go without that players. So Russell Wilson tests positive and is down for 3 or so weeks its like an injury. I suspect we are gonna get hit hard in about 3 weeks. Whne that happens we will hunker down again.
  5. THe sKoreans as well as they handled the virus are gettting fresh hot spots now.
  6. Maybe we can stop with the flyovers and just get them the equip they need to do their jobs.
  7. Places that have faired well are set up to be hit hard later.
  8. I am sure they have known for quite some time.
  9. I liked powers when they got him.
  10. I don't like skura. Bozeman could be who you are thinking of. I think he slides to center.
  11. I am starting to look at film of the day 2 and 3 guys. I just started. But this is what I have found so far. I watched Dobbins v Wisc. I was not real impressed. He had 2 monster runs but they were do to gigantic holes. The small hole/crease plays he picked up very little. On Justin Madubuike v Texas he was basically a non entity. A few good plays. So Devin Duvernay v OKST I was pretty impressed. Not a great WR but in the slot he can do some stuff. I think Texas didnt use him to his potential. I woud like to see him run crossing patterns like Steve Smith. That is all I have at this point
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