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  1. These Ravens of the past few weeks have the ingredients in place..Offence, Defense and Special Teams..It takes those 3 ingredients to make a Championship pie. The past few games we heard. We will lose to New England., didn't happen. Then it was we will lose at Seattle.didn't happen. Then we hear Texans this and that..Next up, we head west for the Rams. With the way our D is playing. I don't envision a problem with us getting a W. I'm still in shock of our offensive output. Just keep Lamar healthy.
  2. Why is the weakest link you say is the coach? Yes he fucked up against the chiefs. I agree there. But I thought he's been spot on since.
  3. Unfuckinbelieveable they went to the Vikes game
  4. Years a crazy stat during the week. But I couldn't get a link.teams this year that played in England came back had their bye.the next week had a combined record of 0-6... soon to be 0-8
  5. Lol Josh Bynes nice in season pick up
  6. Jeeeesh I have to be 30 seconds behind you all
  7. What happened to that halo rule
  8. We playing some serious defense
  9. This team with offense weapons. Something we have been waiting for since 96
  10. Here's to hoping journey ends in Miami..
  11. Most important fact...Beating teams we are supposed to beat. Something special IS unfolding.
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