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  1. Even if they get started playing they'll probably have to end abruptly and early if/when the second wave hits in the fall.
  2. oldno82


    Yes...the real superheroes!
  3. I'm really hoping we do have football but it's just too soon to know. Some areas of the country are improving but that was due to the big hunker-in. Now that some places are relaxing restrictions we should know soon if that is going to boomerang. Games in empty stadiums is a real possibility. And if a team is quarantined what happens to their scheduled games? The NFL still has a lot of thinking to do. And if there is a rebound in the fall do you just terminate the season that was underway? Questions abound but answers are too hard to come by yet.
  4. oldno82


    With the situation like it is, Max, you had no other reasonable choice. I am high risk also so I know how you feel, I think. But as one who has been retired for a number of years now and who also took an early retirement with a reduced pension, you may find retirement is a lot better than you may think it will be. I also found I needed less money to spend than when I was working. So God bless you and yours.
  5. oldno82


    Another thing I've read is that both receivers the Ravens drafted have good hands. Man, there's nothing more frustrating to me as a fan than drops when open.
  6. oldno82


    Mikey's excited over this one: https://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/analysis/preston/bs-sp-ravens-preston-proche-20200505-ddmwhiyylfewxnoqy4rcacrvay-story.html
  7. oldno82


    I have to disagree Max. If they had maintained the restrictions for just another 4 weeks, we may have taken a big bite out of the virus at least until the autumn wave arrives. Now we're all vulnerable.
  8. oldno82

    All A's

    CBS Sports gave Ravens top ranking on draft: https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/2020-nfl-draft-ranking-every-teams-draft-class-packers-picks-raise-questions-ravens-crush-it/
  9. oldno82

    All A's

    Yeah...I don't like this move. I'd rather go with the draftees and Powers unless this guy really shows a different side if camp ever happens.
  10. oldno82

    All A's

    That's how I see it too. The name of the guy who stepped in for Yanda to play the Pitt game was Ben Powers.
  11. oldno82


    We'll bounce back. I hope we'll get a new President and Senate and things that need to get done will get done. As you said it's a long grocery list but we just have to make some real progress. In the meantime, I'm going to go drink my Lysol cocktail and swallow some lit light bulbs after that.
  12. oldno82

    All A's

    I'm not worried about guard. Our backup from last year will do well...he already did in the Pittsburgh game. Having a senior moment right now and forgot his name. For Center, I see Skura making a comeback and if not we still have Mekari who played very well last season. This team is loaded.
  13. oldno82

    All A's

    Kiper gave out just one 'A' on the draft...and he gave it to the Ravens.
  14. oldno82

    All A's

    Based on value, I will give it an A. But based on need, only a B-. Really hard to say more because we don't really know how good Duvernay and a host of others really are. Highlight films always look good and then guys just disappear in training camp and pre-season games. We won't really know anything, obviously, until camp begins---whenever the hell that happens!
  15. Walter Football amazingly mocked JK to the Ravens in the second round and Queen in the first if he was still available. They love both picks. In general, I don't think drafting a back is a good idea before round 3. Robbins may be the exception to the rule. Queen and Roberts can both contribute right away. I would love it if our receiver pick could too but that might be a stretch. He's got speed and good hands and fights for the ball...have to see if he runs routes better than what I've seen so far in highlight film.
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