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  1. 44.9 win percentage.Shit! How are they going to pull off a win here? The Broncos have the #1 defense for points surrendered at 8.7 per game! #2 defense for yards. Oh wait! They haven't played a real football team yet.
  2. So...you're saying the Steeler fans will have a long desert 🏜 experience? Gee...that's too bad.
  3. I hear a great "weeping and knashing of teeth " on the Steelers boards. Let's not be like them.
  4. “Pretty remarkable Justin Tucker stats: He's made 49 consecutive fourth-quarter field goal attempts and all 16 of his field-goal attempts inside one minute of regulation.” 16 for 16 inside of a minute. That's impressive.
  5. I like your "this game balances out their depleted roster" comment. Missing 19 players and wining an NFL game is a huge accomplishment. This win takes some of the sting out of my thoughts about how good this team could have been if everyone was healthy. Browns drops turned this game from being a blowout to a classic Ravens win. The drops also hurt Lamars stats. He would have been well over 300 yards passing with 2 more TD's. It is what it is. This also hurt because from what I hear the Lions stacked the box and sold out to stop the run. Just what we want because then you can burn them deep, force them to defend the whole field and gobble them up. In Little Rock heading for Nashville, eyes are burning, but the coffee tastes real good this morning. Love "My Ravens."
  6. I think you and maybe oldno were calling this to be a close game. Good call. Yea the 4th and 19! Insane. I hear Brown missed 2-3 TD catches.
  7. My daughter read the ESPN gamecast to me while driving from Oklahoma to Little Rock. We ran through all the thoughts and emotions that everyone here had. I didn't know it hit the cross bar until I got to the hotel and saw the replay. Simply amazing and one great all time Ravens memory.I'll watch the game tomorrow night on Game Pass somewhere in Tennessee. Huge must needed win! with so many players who are out, they have to win games like this to stay in the hunt until some can come back healthy. They stole victory from the jaws of defeat. Lions fans have to be sick. 66 yards!
  8. Broncos waived McCrary. The Ravens should sign him to PS and let Bell go. That would save them a lot of money if they activated Bell. Did you see where Ozzie told Wink that he should check out Odefe? Said, "He's a Raven." Ozzie knows. Just a theory...Lamar missed practice due to illness. He gets sick every year. Maybe he's immune compromised and that's why he didn't want to take the vaccine or want people to know. Just a wild ass guess on my part.
  9. It's looking like we are getting a new generation of younger fans which is great. However the older Ravens games are too far in the past for them to remember. This game blew them away so that's why I think it's coming up as the best game. Yea...they are young and enthusiastic.... Come on...out with the old...in with the new!
  10. Agree on all of them. Great games. I'll put Sunday night in the top 5 but not the greatest. One good thing about this topic was a trip down Memory Lane....there were so many great games. How about ED Reed vs the Indigenous Persons? Punt block for TD. Int for TD. Fumble recovery for a TD. Insane. Then there's the classic Ravens/Steelers games. Just a ton of them. You can watch the top 25 Ravens games on their website.
  11. Hint: papa's favorite player.
  12. How soon I forget. It was 165 points. That sounds so unreal and impossible now. Those Ravens didn't just set the record, they buried the old one. The Ravens playoff D stats are actually unbelievable. Ravens Trivia Question of the Day: What is Tony Banks middle name?
  13. Well worth the look inside this Ravens Locker Room......... https://www.baltimoreravens.com/video/john-harbaugh-s-postgame-speech-after-chiefs-win
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