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  1. vmax


    I wonder what the birth rate for next January will be?
  2. Let's look into the future and see what the ER lounge will look like if the football season is canceled....
  3. 4th of July feels like a million years from now. I hear the virus damages the lungs. That's bad for everybody and for some or many of these athletes, it could be career ending.
  4. vmax


    Thanks! I wish everybody to be safe and in good health. Remember...I was a pretty good troll at one time. Ask crav. Believe it or not, one of my main goals in life is grow and go towards being as good a man as I can be. As you know...I fall short at times. Like everybody, I have my strengths and weaknesses, so it seems that sainthood may not be my lot in life. So............ we're on Lock Down.... I guess this means I can't ride my bike in parks or on trails. It does say we can take short walks. I'm trying to stay isolated since Friday was my last day working and in public. Right now I feel good, but we'll see over the next week. The "Wait and See" is for all of us.
  5. vmax


    Here's a good, positive read...sort of a "look ahead"..... https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2020/03/29/coronavirus-crisis-response-reshape-american-history/5079760002/
  6. vmax


    I was furloughed Friday. The company hopes to be back up and running by June and they said they don't want to lose anybody. I filed for unemployment for the first time in my life. We're all in new waters. Everybody. Many in worse situations than mine because I can pay my bills. My heart goes out to them. I've been there too. Now the big wait for 5-14 days to see if I got dosed while I was working with crews in peoples homes. The worst part of that was that as each day came and more was revealed about this virus, my conscience bothered me more and more in thinking that I could be a carrier and infect others.....especially worried about the people who were most vulnerable with preexisting health conditions. I probably would not have shown up for work Monday morning after reading this:
  7. Yea...here's a little more on that.... Big maybe, yet training camp has a chance to happen. In the mean time, I'm glad that I have NFL Game Pass to watch all of last seasons games and from years past. You should get it. I love it. That may be enough to keep me out of a Psych Ward.
  8. They'll be furloughed and then become eligible for unemployment.
  9. As this pandemic escalates, I'm beginning to think Herbstreit is on to something here.... This was a possible Super Bowl window this year. Lamar and this offense was really coming on. It feels like the Colts leaving town. Yet I get it. There is way more important matters to deal with.
  10. vmax


    I travel all over Maryland everyday and the streets are deserted. People are staying home and I think this will make the virus impact less severe and save a ton of lives. I love how Hogan is leading.
  11. He doesn't make many plays as a receiver, but on special teams he makes play after play. He's always around the ball and generally the first one there. He's one player who I think "Plays like a Raven." Nevertheless he will be fighting for a job this year.
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