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  1. "Are you sure we're supposed to do this?"
  2. As if he'd been asleep at the wheel for years, suddenly he's angry at getting used and under paid. Maybe he wants to stop funding Kraft's visits to massage parlors.
  3. Suddenly, people in Cleveland are striking their hands on peoples buttocks. "Buttock slapping is becoming the rage in Cleveland. It could become an epidemic if constructive action isn't taken immediately."
  4. He hasn't turned himself in. There's no other way for him to win unless he apologizes for poor behavior. He continued, issuing some harsh commentary on how Beckham’s actions caused the spotlight to be turned away from LSU’s championship. “It’s very disturbing to me, I will be very candid with you about that,’’ Cannizzaro, who will decide whether to prosecute Beckham, said. “At a time when we should be celebrating in my opinion, probably one of the greatest football teams in the history of America, probably one of the best quarterbacks we’ve ever seen in the history of this country, a great coaching staff, when all of the focus should be on these young men and their accomplishments, unfortunately we see this very, very silly and uncalled for event by someone that has now caused the whole focus of what should be a celebratory event to be now sanctioned and to be scrutinized now by LSU, to be scrutinized by the SEC, by the NCAA, by the NFL and now our police department and ultimately this office.” Finally, Cannizzaro said that, “as a citizen I am disturbed and sort of put out by this event.’’..........https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/ncaafb/district-attorney-rips-obj-urges-him-to-surrender-end-silly-matter/ar-BBZ4EP6?li=BBnb7Kz&ocid=U508DHP
  5. These are individual awards. It's a team sport and it took many people to make this incredible season happen. It wasn't "just John." Yet he was at the center, managing this new beast and he did a fabulous job at that. I'm still pissed off about the loss, yet not pissed off enough the take a step back and go "Wow!" what an incredible job by John and many others in building what we thought would be a marginal/possible contender into a breath taking 14 win juggernaut. Harbaugh is the right man for HC of the Year.
  6. So LSU wins the National Championship and he finds a way to get mega face time in the spotlight. No ego problems here. Antonio Brown must be his agent. You can bet LSU is not happy about this.
  7. He's a moron. And the Browns Circus keeps on rolling.... He's on a roll!
  8. Hear! Hear! All that I can say on this is that at age 23 I could use all the help and mentoring that I could get.
  9. The Ravens have Tavon Young if he can ever find his way back on to the field. I trust Eric.
  10. it makes sense. The Eagles have raided the Ravens so much that I call the Baltimore North.
  11. There is a young championship caliber and core of players to build upon. The futures bright.
  12. Lamar is already a better leader than Ray. Many of us thought that this was a mini rebuild/reload season for the Ravens. We saw what Eric did. We saw the huge improvement in Lamar from year 1 to year 2. Until last week he was 22 years old. 22! League MVP! It's a long wait....but just wait until opening day 2020 season. This will be one helluva team.
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