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  1. Actually it's 20 players total....at the moment.... All we have to do is wait another 8-12 hours and the list will be up to half the team. I think everybody can see that it's really not safe anywhere at this point in time in the pandemic.
  2. Off topic: watching the Maryland game. Their win probability is 11.9% and I think they can beat Indiana!.......7-0 Indiana up. Terps are in seccond place in their division at 2-1. They had 2 sure TD's...receivers wide open but the throws were bad.
  3. Here's the list.... As of Nov. 27, these are the Ravens players on the reserve/COVID-19 list, given in order of when they first appeared on the list: CB Iman Marshall (on injured reserve) QB Trace McSorley RB Mark Ingram RB J.K. Dobbins DL Brandon Williams OLB Pernell McPhee C Patrick Mekari C Matt Skura DE Calais Campbell OLB Jihad Ward QB Lamar Jackson FB Patrick Ricard DL Justin Maduibuike LS Morgan Cox https://pressboxonline.com/2020/11/27/ravens-add-lamar-jackson-three-others-to-covid-list-steelers-game-pushed-to-tuesday/
  4. 3 more names to add: Ricard, Madubuike and long-snapper Morgan Cox. They don't have anybody who can snap a football. Calis Campbell has asthma so this could be a possible cares ender for him. There are long term repercussions to covid including lung damage, lingering weakness and brain fog....just to name a few. “We just want to contain this outbreak!” Campbell tweeted. “Speaking from experience, you don’t want to catch COVID. This virus is brutal! I pray no one else has to go through this. This is bigger than football!”
  5. Ravens win probability down to 35.4%. This may have something to do with 20% of the team having the virus (that goes up everyday), unnamed staff have it (beginning to think Harbaugh or Wink or G'ro have it), the Ravens facility is closed, the team can't practice and now Lamar has it too. I think the Steelers are scared to play the Ravens. Game postponed to Tuesday night.
  6. For the moment, it feels like football in Baltimore is dead. I want to hear from Harbaugh, Eric and Steve.
  7. "What do you think Mike?" "Glad you asked...
  8. 12 players total are positive. Then you have the players who are out due to injury.
  9. Lamar's got it.... Forfeit the game.
  10. Why didn't they fire the trainer who was negligent? He wrecked this team, any chance of defeating the Steelers and caused all kinds of needless hell.
  11. It looks to me like they want more time because they think others could test positive over they next few days.
  12. As long as there are enough bodies to field a team, then this game should be played. The numbers of players who will be out due to covid +those ruled out due to injuries is now a significant, climbing number. Let's see if more are reported today and tomorrow. It very well could change over night.
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