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  1. Everybody's life has been turned upside down over the past year. Might as well become Vegans.
  2. Starting Monday the ER Board will conduct free dancing classes for members in our new spacious ballroom! Carry on.
  3. Shit......let me be the first to post the strip club photos of Jamison.....
  4. vmax


    Add Major Bug Infestation to the list.... But hey! It's a beautiful spring like day outside. Enjoy it. It's been a long winter.
  5. I've learned from watching politics this year that the only thing that's important is Ravens football.
  6. This from Senator Van Hollen..... I've been registered and eligible to get the vaccine for almost a month. No reply from Baltimore County and the State. Don't get your hopes up on getting vaccinated any time soon.
  7. Oh No.... THEM! NOT THEM!!!!
  8. vmax


    Record numbers of hurricanes and wild fires last year. Civil unrest. A foot of snow in San Antonio??? And nothings wrong? Anybody who continues to live in Houston, a city in a flood plain that gets wiped out once a year, must love disaster and chooses a "Disaster Life." Millions are boiling water because there is no clean water in Texas and many states. Oh!...there's a year old pandemic and we're being told maybe by next Christmas things will get back to some kind of normal. Until then, stay home, stay masked America and social distance because people are not safe to b
  9. Bill Gates has a book out now. He's on board. Once people like Gates go public like this, then you know the money will flow green and change is inevitable.
  10. vmax


    Trumps election became the green light for many of these groups to come out of the closet. In a sense, Trumps Presidency exposed how sick we are as a nation and what a long path of change we have ahead of us. A good read:
  11. Agree tyslv....If you sign the franchise QB, then the next 2 drafts better be damn good. It does not feel right to be penalized for drafting and developing well. Once the players hit their peak, then you can't afford them. You watch them as they go.
  12. Me too. I understand why they did it. They thought, and rightly so, that with him they had a playoff contending team and line. I really want Brown. He's a Raven. A first round pick would soften the blow.
  13. They won't trade him unless they can get a #1 pick. He'll play next year and then move on.
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