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  1. vmax

    There's hope

    Some good news....
  2. It's going to be the Governors call... Here's the big catch...the one big issue that will probably mean we don't see football and baseball this year....especially because Covid will be 4 times worse in the fall.... He's right. Players are going to get infected, infect others players for both teams, and players will have to be quarantined. Game over.
  3. vmax

    A Class Act

    Wow! A transformation like Burk. Good to see....he's getting healthy instead of fat and out of shape....oh! And he's financially set. A success story all the way.
  4. This is all well and good if there is a season. How will empty stadiums effect the games? If some players test positive after a game then do you quarantine both teams for 14 days? Does anybody think we'll have football?
  5. vmax


    Love how Americans are stepping out to help each other....... In the gloom of what's happening, there are tons of inspiring efforts. I love searching through the worldwide photos and seeing people helping people...it's unifying......it's this spirit that will see us through.
  6. vmax


    That makes sense. Since I posted that, it became clear to me how stupid it would be for me to "give up, go to work and get dosed." I am high risk. I don't want to pass it on to anybody. I have now decided to stay at home regardless of the consequences. If it forces an early retirement, than so be it. I'll be fine. That was a very hard decision to reach. My family had to basically plead with me to wake up, not go back to work and retire if necessary.
  7. Another step forward! It may seem like and "ant step" but they must be as careful as possible.
  8. Hell hath no fury! "This is not a good example of "the family that plays together, stays together."
  9. "let's take a peek at the future.... Here's a possible scenario to holding games this fall...."
  10. vmax


    The projections are getting worse. This last quote has placed me in surrender mode. Like "I give up." We can't hide out forever....not 1-2 years. Basically nothings changed. They probably won't have a vaccine for a year. With the vaccine, and once 70% of the population gets covid19, then it may be safe and possibly over. 70% means I'll probably get it and you too. So....I guess we need to practice all the safety precautions, go out and work, and take our chances that it won't kill us or anybody that we come in contact with. Really not an easy scenario to accept....yet I see no other way.
  11. Worth reading.... https://www.cnn.com/2020/04/27/opinions/scorpion-frog-trump-nature-opinion-axelrod/index.html
  12. vmax


    Georgia will show us what happens when the restraints are lifted too early.... How does this guy sleep at night?
  13. vmax


    Here's an upbeat article on some positive change in America....
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