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  1. More Yard! Serverino.....3-2 O's.

    Harvey's hanging in there...4th inning.

    Hyde's not...he got pissed on a questionable call and was thrown out.

    Hellova diving catch by Mullins....he was flying to get to the ball. Great speed, acceleration and glove.

  2. yea... O's first win in Yankee stadium since Roosevelt. It took 11 innings...and the bullpen didn't cave.

    3:05 start today for their home opener. Harvey gets the start.

    If you plan on going to any games then here's some tips:


    Is it safe?

    The Orioles are instituting many new measures for this season to ensure ballpark safety, many of which mirror those taken at their Spring Training home of Ed Smith Stadium in Sarasota, Fla., this spring. Tickets will be assigned only in pod seating, with pods of two, four and six available, to practice social distancing. Also, masks are required at all times unless fans are actively eating or drinking in their ticketed seats.


    The ballpark will be entirely cashless in 2021. Fans can pay with debit or credit card or exchange cash for money cards at two reverse ATMs, which can then be used at food and merchandise stands. Fans can also mobile order using the MLB Ballpark app. Tickets will only be distributed digitally this season.

    Will there be any restrictions?

    The Orioles are not requiring fans to be vaccinated or produce a negative COVID-19 test result to attend games, but the club is strongly encouraging all Baltimoreans to do so with a public-facing promotional campaign. The club does ask fans who are not feeling well to stay home.

    At the park, outside items will be limited. Fans are not allowed to bring personal bags, food or water into the stadium....Orioles 2021 home opener FAQ (mlb.com)


  3. Nice! He's got to be from good stock. That's all we have this side of town...😃

    One more game against the Yankees today and then....

    ..opening day at Camden Yards on Thursday afternoon...3:05 start I think. 

    Got my 2nd Phizer shot today and I am itching to get out. Next Sunday and Thursday there are 1:05 starts against the red Sox and then the Mariners.It's tempting. I hear you can't bring food in and you have to go through a maze of moves to purchase food there. Can't they just swipe my card?



  4. 10-0 Orioles are up...still top of the 3rd inning. 

    Ok....I've seen 3 days of the Red Sox pitchers and they suck. 

    So....An assumption here....too early to tell how good the Orioles are. It looks like a 3 game sweep is in the making and from what I have seen, the Orioles are cashing on their opportunities. Few mental errors and the pitching is holding up.

    I don't know how well the Sox are as far as hitting and scoring. Are they making the O's pitchers look better than they are?

    I'm just getting back to watching baseball....maybe. I was an avid fan until 1999. Followed almost every game by radio or TV. 

    So I have a lot of catching up to do.


  5. After the first 3 innings I thought the Orioles would be lucky to get a hit or a run with how awesome Houck was pitching. He looked un-hittable.

    4-2 O's win. :gorave: 

    Franco broke it open in the 4th with a 2 run single....and Harvey held the Sox to 1 run in 4 and 2/3rds innings. Plutko gets the win....the bull pen held up for the 2nd day in a row. Valdez make it nerve wracking in the 9th by allowing the first 2 batters to get on. Then....he got his shit together.


  6. And this will happen here..............


    Wilson’s deal

    There is no sympathy here for Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson complaining about the lack of protection in the Seahawks offense the last couple of years.

    Wilson signed a four-year, $140 million contract in April of 2019 and when a team pays out that much money to a quarterback, other areas on the team are left lacking, especially on offense. Seattle has good receivers, but the offensive line play has been poor.

    Somewhere, you are wondering if the Ravens are thinking about this in their contract negotiations with quarterback Lamar Jackson. I wonder if Jackson is aware that signing such a deal such as Wilson’s might also be hazardous to his health........Mike Preston: Players like Fort are of vital importance for Ravens | COMMENTARY - Baltimore Sun


  7.   "What do you say Mike?"

    Image result for mike preston sun photos I'm so glad that you asked and humbled to be here....


    Quality opponents

    One of the major advantages for the Ravens this season is that six of the nine teams that play in Baltimore in 2021 made the playoffs last season including Kansas City, Green Bay, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh and Cleveland.

    This should get them ready for a long postseason run because they will be playing a string of quality opponents, which hasn’t always happened in the past two years. There is not a lot of concern for Indianapolis and Pittsburgh, especially since Steeler quarterback Ben Roethlisberger will have arm problems again if they still ask him to thrown 40 times a game.

    But if iron indeed sharpen iron, then this schedule works well for Baltimore..................

    I'm a strong believer and fan of that. If the Ravens survive a schedule like that and make the playoffs...(and they will..:gorave: ) then they will be ready for the long awaited playoff run.

    Tickets are paid for and I can't wait to step into the Bank and my purple seat. It feels like a million years....So excited




  8. Like this!

    Likely the best Opening Day start in Orioles history. John. Means. Business. :bow:


    Oh they're looking real good for todays game...

    First pitch: 1:10 p.m.

    TV/Radio: MASN/105.7 FM

    Starting pitchers: Orioles RLHP Matt Harvey (0-3, 11.57 ERA in 2020) :scared: vs. Red Sox RHP Tanner Houck (3-0, 0.53 ERA in 2019)

    Could today be "Bombs Away!"

  9. Interesting....yet it's logical. Some are there for ego, fame and fortune. Some are statesman and servants of the people.


    Despite high approval ratingsor wide popularity, well-known members of Congress are not the most effective lawmakers, according to a report from the Center for Effective Lawmaking.

    The center recently released its effectiveness scores for members of the 116th Congress, which ran from Jan. 3, 2019, to Jan. 3, 2021. The bottom line: The lawmakers often in the news — particularly from the House of Representatives — aren't generally the ones sponsoring bills that make significant headway through Congress or making substantial policy proposals. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., is one exception. There are four lists of top 10 most effective lawmakers, one for each political party in each chamber of Congress. The topmost effective House member for each party was Reps. Nita Lowey, D-N.Y., and Michael McCaul, R-Texas, topped the House lists, while Sens. Gary Peters, D-Mich., and Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., took the No. 1 spots in the Senate were the topmost effective senators in the chamber for their respective parties. 

    “We’ve found initial patterns that those more effective tend to be what we would call the workhorses rather than the show horses, and because of their policy focus, they’re less likely to be called upon by the media,” said Craig Volden, the co-director of the Center for Effective Lawmaking.

    “We’ve kind of relatedly found that those who are called on by the media, that there tends to be more of an interest in talking about ... politicking and personalities than there is in talking about policy and lawmaking.”....Most effective lawmakers in Congress aren't always its most seen (usatoday.com)


  10. Opening day 3-0  shut out of the Red Sox!

    The Means and Montcastle show. Means threw 7 scoreless innings. He had control all the way.  At one point he set down 18 straight batters! 

    Here's an obscure stat. Considering all the great Oriole pitchers of the past, Means is the first Orioles pitcher since 1901 to go 7 or more innings on Opening Day allowing 1 hit or fewer. :bow:



    Montcastle hit a 2 run double off the Green Monster.

    Sweet start to the season. I never expected Orioles pitching to hold up against that line up.

    Retirement is good. I got to watch my first opening day game in about 20 years.


    Not so good is the outrageous price for jerseys....

    Men's Baltimore Orioles Nike Black Alternate Authentic Team Jersey


    That is robbery.
  11. 1 hour ago, papasmurfbell said:


    What I want to see is the effective end of the electoral college. I want either a mechanism to allow a min of 5 parties to be relevant or my preference no parties at all.  I also want term limits in Congress and scotus.  I want age limits in all 3 branches.  I want money out of politics and biblically financed elections.  With these changes all the problems will be settled out on their own.

    If no electoral college, then what? Popular vote only?

    I'm for term limits.

    What age limits?

    I definitely want the money out of politics. Money creates a conflict of interest....period. They are elected to serve the American people. Not their financial doners and backers. Currently it amounts to bribery no matter how it's cloaked. 

    No parties is interesting. Candidates would actually have to state what they stand for. Elected officials would not be ham strung by having to go along party lines and voting blocks. They could vote their conscience on all issues. It would stop the games. It would stop knowingly being part of something that is inherently wrong like what the Republicans have been doing as a voting block. The Democrats are just as guilty of this. This dead lock power grab by political parties kills what is best for America....nothing gets done.

  12. I started following politics less than a year ago when I retired.....mainly because work and family left me with little time to keep up on it. like most citizens, I closed my eyes and trusted those who goven to do their jobs.

    In the last year I have learned that many of the elected officials in Congress do not belong there. It's scary to have so many unqualified and disinterested people supposedly representing us. I seriously doubt their ability to draft legislation or even be able to read and understand it....if they read it at all.

    So many are spineless chameleons. It's a shit show of shameless self promoting. Huge Ego Trips galore....and big businees owns and pulls the strings on so many. We are an Oligarcy disguised as a Democracy. Have been for well over a century. And...we just dodged the bullit on becoming an Autocracy. 

    This goes for all parties.

    Change needs to start at the grass roots level. We need to stop voting for the charasmatic person to represent us. Those who says all the right things, but has no experience or track record of actually doing the work. Since I was a boy, I heard politicians say the same things over and over.... " It's time for Change! I'm for better schools and education. We must stop the crime! Our streets and neighborhoods need to be safe. Elect me and we'll get this done!" They all campaign on the need for change. Learn to say that loudly with a charasmatic smile and you have good odds on being elected.

     Well....nothing has changed except for the fact that it's continues to get worse.

    Where are the civic minded men and women of strong moral character and principle? 

    Where are the representatives who actually see themselves, and go about their duties, as Servants for the People of the United States? 

  13. He's going down....


    Multiple women interviewed by the FBI in a probe of Rep. Matt Gaetz told investigators the Florida Republican paid them for sex, The New York Times reports.

    Gaetz would reportedly message women he and his associates met online the times and places to meet and tell them how much he was willing to pay beforehand. The rendezvous took place in 2019 and 2020, according to the Times. The women also said the congressman sometimes took ecstasy before sex and would ask them to recruit others to have sex with him and his friends.

    The Times confirmed that Gaetz wired the women money via Apple Pay and Cash App.

    The Department of Justice is also investigating whether one of the women involved with Gaetz was 17 and whether he paid her or gave her gifts...Women Say Rep. Matt Gaetz Paid Them for Sex: Report (msn.com)


  14. Like this:

    1. Implement a spot-and-choose overtime rule. Basically, one team would pick where the ball is spotted in overtime and then the second team would pick whether they want to play offense or defense. You can read more details on the rule by clicking here (proposed by Ravens). 
    2. To keep all teams and candidates on equal ground, interviews for head coaching or coordinator jobs can't be held until after the conference title games and you can't make any hirings until after the Super Bowl (proposed by Bills). 
    3. Allow the replay official and designated members of the officiating department to provide certain objective information to the on-field officials. Basically, the replay official and people in the league's officiating department would be allowed to help correct a call before it actually goes to replay (proposed by Competition Committee, Coaches Subcommittee, and the Ravens). 
    4. Eliminate overtime in the preseason (proposed by competition committee).
    6. Expand the prohibition on blocking below the waist by offensive and defensive players on scrimmage downs when contact occurs beyond five yards on either side of the line of scrimmage and more than two yards outside of either offensive tackle (proposed by competition committee).
    7. image.jpeg.1f463e627023505763d97db0da895430.jpegswissmiss | Worrier Pose
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