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  1. Favre is the last guy I wanna play in round 1. Put all his numbers aside for one second. Its bretts favre.. he can take over a game at any time. He can singlehandedly put a team on his back. You dont know what your getting into with him.


    I want to face denver or miami. Denver just isnt that good and miami has already lost to us in miami. We destroyed the wild cat formation. We wrote the book on how to defend it.

  2. i lived in dundalk for a year, you get used to smell.. i will say for all the crap people talk about how dirty and ghetto dundalk is my neighborhood was very well maintained and the people were very friendly.

  3. that was nice maniac. Good find. Love the giant shit factory, the most historic and recongnizable monument of essex.


    DC- check out the atlas its awesome trust me. Excellent bathroom reading material (Then again I just finished reading a book on how to survive the zombie apocalypse.) Heres an excert from what they say about maryland

    "with a suprise around every 15 corners, and a good surprise around every 30 or so, maryland is an exciting place to visit so long as one comes in with zero expectations, has never eaten in a restaraunt before and can ignore the overpowering smell. Americals very well-hidden gem, Baltimore in particular remains an undiscovered treasure, as few are willing to venture past the crime scene tape." It gets much better. THey shit all over the middle east and poor countries.

  4. kinda off topic but since your talking about our absurd world I recommend buying this book called "Our dumb world" its The onions' version of a world atlas. They make fun of every single nation in the world in 250 pages. Just picked it up for Sh*ts and giggles and cant stop laughing.

  5. The run, run, pass play-calling was pretty bad today.

    agreed. The one time we went play action on first down was almost a 60 yard TD. You would think we would switched it up a little bit. I guess Cam thought the pounding of mcclain would wear them down for the 4th.

  6. Any team that gets the field position the Ravens were given today, including the opponents 16 yard line, and gets a total of 9 points doesn't deserve to win pure and simple.

    YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!


    Thank you BA.


    The steelers did exactly what the steelers do. They hang around then they beat you. If you dont put the game out of reach by the 4th your gonna lose. Did you see that stat, theyve outscored opponents 41-0 with 6 minutes to go this year. Insane. We lost that game in the 1st quarter when we did nothing with prime field position

  7. YES! now I need to win this week to lock it up. Im in 3rd and playing the number 4 team. only top 4 make it.


    if i win im in, if i lose i'll need 2 others to lose to keep me in it. Heres the breakdown.

    QB Ben Roethlisberger

    (Pit - QB) Dal

    WR Randy Moss

    (NE - WR) @Sea

    WR Donald Driver

    (GB - WR) Hou

    RB Matt Forte

    (Chi - RB) Jac

    RB Marion Barber

    (Dal - RB) @Pit

    TE Todd Heap

    (Bal - TE) Was

    W/R Chris Johnson

    (Ten - RB) Cle

    K Matt Stover

    (Bal - K) Was

    DEF Chicago

    (Chi - DEF) Jac


    on the bench- pennington, flacco, winslow, kevin curtis, mark bradley, tashard choice, greenbay D


    im considering benching big ben for flacco for a better matchup


  8. he's still mediocre IMO. He rarely gets open thats why every QB we ever had looks to mason first. He rarely gets YAC yards which is ALL he got at OK. The only YAC he gets are on those long bombs when hes already open. He avoids contact like crazy, seriously watch him avoid contact on those quick hitches when instead of making someone miss he just hits the turf.


    This guy is decent, nothing more, nothing less. Comparing him to steve smith is nuts. Smith sheds tackles and makes moves much much better than clayton.


    Not trying to hate, but not going to jump on his nuts at this point. Hes a first rounder not a 4th or 5th.

  9. alright im in a 12 man league with my whole extended family, on the line is $220 bucks and 5 30-packs of beer.


    Top four make playoffs, playoffs are week 15 and 16. so 2 games left


    There are 3, 9-3 teams

    Me and my uncle are tied at 8-4, he has more points I have the head to head which comes in to play first. I must win out to get in basically and im playing 2 of the 9-3 teams this week and next


    I need advice on which QB to start, I have a big selection for some reason.


    chad pennington @ STL - - - im liking this

    Pig Pen Roth @ NE - - - he was better last week and NE gave up a ton of points to pennington

    Flacco @ cinci - - - on the road i dont know.

    Hasselbeck @ Dal - - - still to soon to trust him.

    can only start one



    at WR

    Randy moss vs Pit

    Drive vs car

    kevin curtis vs Ari

    mark bradley @ oak


    can only start 2



    at tight end

    KWII vs INDI

    Heap @ cinci


    can only start 1


    my RBs are set

    barber, forte, chris johnson. i always start them, havent failed yet, cept for johnson the last few weeks. but he has detroit this week!

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