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Found 8 results

  1. Well look what we have here, seven victories in nine tries; quite pleasant one could say. First, my apologies for stealing some from one of the greatest book & movie series, ever, I shall try to do justice. When we last saw our wandering group of misfits, they were toiling through games last season. Then EDC the grey, came about an unscrupulous plan; how to retake the mountain that housed the Silver Bettty. Oh our hero would need a tribe, a tested, valiant, brave bunch who would fight till the end, even their own. He would entrust them to a man, not one from the world of man coaches, no, he would have to be a special teamer..... This man would send out word, of what it would take, what he would need to take on a such a challenging quest. Word went out far & wide, some laughed, others scoffed, few came. But EDC the Grey would see his reach catch just the right sort. The special teamer saw that he had men who were brave, loyal & unrelenting; he could ask for nothing more. He brought this brood of unearthly talent together after a rough & dirty fight to start their quest that saw them lose as many battles with Orks, Gobblins and the like, as they won before their journey would truly begin. They joined together, backed each his brother and now sit poised to take on another foe, perhaps their greatest challenge yet; will they succeed in this stop along their journey? We shall not know just yet, but one thing is true; it will test their metal, sear their brotherhood, and prepare them for the battles ahead. Yes this journey has just begun, just where it will take them, only time knows, and it will not tell us easily, we will have to beat it out of time...
  2. Ticket Information Front row Club Level excellent seats with no obstruction. Ravens Side of field! Sec:222 row:10 seats 17 - 18 They come with parking pass on side of Cam Yards Lot SWH 2 club level Season Tickets $5,200.00. These are club level seats with parking. I do have a parking pass which is included in the package and is stadium parking. Can not be sold apart. Serious inquiries only please. msg or Email me and we can talk. Thank You.
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mwVb7JI5u90 Good afternoon Ravens fans! Good luck this week! Em
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tBUn5LUK78U Good afternoon Ravens fans! Good luck this week! Em
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CnbEloMeFdg Good evening Ravens fans! Good luck this week! Em
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvo9nPT6zMY Good afternoon Ravens fans! Good luck this week! Em
  7. The BR.com site says that Gorrer has been cut, I don't get this move because I thought he provided quality depth in the secondary? I'm guesing Chykie was the better special teamer but still, this is kind of a bummer. Hope our team stay healthy and J Smith and Cary WIlliams start to play at a higher level. It doesn't matter how good the secondary is if the pass rush isn't there. Can't let a QB sit back there all day and have them pick apart our defenseive backfield. Any thoughts
  8. RAVENS FANS.... THE FIGHT BEGINS HERE. JOIN US SIGN OUR PETITION TO GO BACK TO WESTMINSTER http://www.gopetitio...r-movement.html http:// http://www.facebook....306157872739609 THIS WILL REACH THE RAVENS, FOR THAT I ASSURE YOU.
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