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I'm not suprised

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The 2 areas that were not adressed during the draft and summer have so far and will continue to destroy this season. The teams defensive backfield and the reciever situation. And we still need a field goal kicker this guy folds under pressure bring back whats his name. If the team has cap issues and this is the best team we have we as fans are in for years of losing. This isn't the circus. I don't give a shit if I ever see or meet Ray Lewis,Suggs,Reed or any of the other overpaid underachievers on this team. Win or at least play hard. If I want to see the circus I'll go to the circus. If I'm watching the Ravens don't put on a circus act. How much better are the Ravens then the Lions,Browns,Buffalo.IMHO Not much.

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Stover is not the answer. He was on his last leg and his range and accuracy was diminishing year after year. I believe Harbaugh made the right call to get a new kicker, just doesn't look like we choose the right one.

Gano was the kicker I meant. He was gritty at least. I read somewhere tonite hes kicking in the UFL. Bring him back and have a real season tryout. Leave Carr at the bus station to make room.

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