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Can they take a guys franchise away

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I think his view on "race relations" is not that uncommon, some people will work with you because they have to, make money off of you, but privately they do not want to have to deal with you. i really hope the Clippers players make a sacrifice and refuse to play the rest of the series. Make the same sacrifice that Ali made, the guy clearly has a "slave owner" mentality that the players should not accept and the only way they can show there pride is by not playing and not caring about the financial repercussions that may come with that decision.

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This is going to be an amazing fight. Sterling love suing so we will see if he goes all Al Davis on the NBA.


I dont think it will be a fight, Sterling pulls the 2.5 mil out of his back pocket, pays his fine then puts the team up for sale..Did I hear its worth 750 mil correctly? he paid 12 mil for them in 1990.If he cant live his last years on 715 million profit, then shame on him...


But Im curious as to Mrs Sterling's take in this..and what her cut would be, because after he sells shes taking his ass to the cleaners..And the dog tha twas his mistress, she wasnt all that, just say she wouldnt get an invite to Hugh Heffners place.

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He is worth $1.9 bil. Financially he is fine. I can see him suing. It is what he is known for. He loves holding court at games or in his mind the plantation. That said for the NBA as the Stones say Time is on my said. The man is over 80 yrs old. If he sues the league lets this ride. He will die and the IRS will force the sale.

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