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Christmas music

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that was nice maniac. Good find. Love the giant shit factory, the most historic and recongnizable monument of essex.


DC- check out the atlas its awesome trust me. Excellent bathroom reading material (Then again I just finished reading a book on how to survive the zombie apocalypse.) Heres an excert from what they say about maryland

"with a suprise around every 15 corners, and a good surprise around every 30 or so, maryland is an exciting place to visit so long as one comes in with zero expectations, has never eaten in a restaraunt before and can ignore the overpowering smell. Americals very well-hidden gem, Baltimore in particular remains an undiscovered treasure, as few are willing to venture past the crime scene tape." It gets much better. THey shit all over the middle east and poor countries.

Of DUNDALK, thank you. It's on their side of the river. And they continue to lose the annual football game.

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i lived in dundalk for a year, you get used to smell


Bullshit!!! My Aunt lived in Colgate, My Grandmother took me and my sis to visit every Saturday for 20 years..I think I still have the clothes impression in my nose.

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