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Cap #s going into next season

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Per Sportrac




Our top 3


Flacco, Yanda, and JSmith wont be touched because the dead money would be too high


After that


Doom:$8.3 Cap....if cut 2.3 Dead money $6 mill difference

Pitta: $3.3 mil difference if cut

Webb: 5.5 mil if cut

Suggs : 500k if cut

Watson: 3mil if cut

Arrington : 2mil

K Lewis : 2.2 mil






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My money would be at shoring up the online...Joe is worlds better with time to throw. Pass rushers will be at a premium in FA. We may need to use a #1 on a DE/OLB.


I'm with you.

During the 2012 playoff run Joe had time to throw....so they won.


and...no line then you end up with this....



OWINGS MILLS, Md. -- No one should have been surprised when news came out that Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco missed Wednesday's practice with a right shoulder injury.

It was only a matter of time for Flacco to become a 6-foot-6 punching bag behind an offensive line that moved around blockers on a weekly basis.

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