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Ravens/Stealers Week

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Here We Go! :gorave:




First place in the AFC North is on the line Sunday when the Baltimore Ravens play host to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

What's surprising is this marks the first time since November 2012 that these rivals are battling each other for the top of the division.

It has invigorated a Ravens team that has lost four straight games and failed to win a game in October.

"We're seven games in, we're one game out of first in the division, and we're playing the team that's first in the division, which is our archrival," said coach John Harbaugh, whose team is coming off a bye. "What more could you ask for than that?" "I'd love to be 7-0 and have [the Steelers] chasing us, but we're a game behind them," Harbaugh said. "We're chasing them. We've been there before. I can't wait."..http://www.espn.com/blog/baltimore-ravens/post/_/id/31186/with-first-place-on-the-line-ravens-and-steelers-will-battle-like-its-20




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you think we are worse then last season when we beat them?


Maybe not if they start Ryan "Stealer Slayer" Mallet.

Finally the Ravens are in their soft spot of their schedule.

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It wouldn't be a Steelers week unless there was uncertainty about the status of Pittsburgh quarterback Ben Roethlisberger for Sunday's game.

I won't call him a "drama king" like CBS commentator Bart Scott, but there is always suspense with Roethlisberger. There have been conflicting reports about him having recovered from surgery on his left meniscus and his readiness for the Ravens.

His availability is not intriguing anymore. I am more interested in how Steelers coach Mike Tomlin will blow the game. He panics when playing the Ravens, whether it's trying to trip returner Jacoby Jones along the sideline or failing to have quarterback Michael Vick throw downfield against one of the NFL's worst secondaries last season.

There is something about the Ravens that brings out the worst in Tomlin, and something about the Steelers that brings out the best in the Ravens....http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/ravens/bs-sp-preston-column-1101-20161031-column.html

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No guess here.


The Ravens win streak against the Stealers will continue.

The Stealers are experts at finding ways to lose to the Ravens.


The crappy Stealer D will allow the crappy Ravens O to score.

Ravens D is stronger than the Stealer O.


Factor in the 12th man.... :gorave:


Ravens win by 1 point...( nerves are totally shot by the end of the game).

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Bing predicts a Ravens win. :gorave:


Here's Suggs setting the tone with the young'uns....




Walking off the practice field Wednesday, the longest-tenured Ravens player delivered a message to his younger teammates about this rivalry.

"These games will define you," Suggs said. "You will never forget it. I remember every one -- every one, every big play, every dumb call, every personal foul. I remember all of them."..."They have to know if they are not ready, then they are going to go out there and get their shirt wrinkled, as we would say back home," Suggs said. "You do not want to get punched in the mouth. You are going to fight a kid that pretty much has the same identity as you. You better know your opponent; you better know you are in for a dogfight for four quarters.”..."The characters have changed in this show. But the mentality and the mood is still the same," Suggs said. "All both teams did was get younger. The aggressiveness and the will to win is still the same. It is Ravens-Steelers.”...http://www.espn.com/blog/baltimore-ravens/post/_/id/31289/terrell-suggs-message-about-steelers-rivalry-these-games-will-define-you



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I saw a stat a few minutes ago, the Ravens, in the past 5 games, have converted just 19 of 77 third down opportunities, 19 of 77.. Let that stew for a while. If that does not imrpove today, a shut out is a real possibility.


But that was against very good defenses...oh wait!...sorry....I was wrong there. :fishin:

Really wrong.


Heading to the game in an hour.

We''ll see how many bandwagon fans jump off.

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