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It Begins

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Why is this even a topic anymore...Trump won and we all lost. Case closed. Thanks America...you fucked yourself.


Like the German people were asked about Hitler "How could you let this happen?", Americans are being asked the same question.

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National Park Service launches unofficial Twitter account that Donald Trump can’t touch




NASA scientists join resistance with rogue Twitter account
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There's so many wrong things he's doing we could fill this thread every day.

He thinks he can get away with being a Dictator.




WASHINGTON, Jan 31 (Reuters) - Roughly 900 U.S. State Department officials signed an internal dissent memo critical of President Donald Trump's travel ban for refugees and immigrants from six Muslim-majority countries, a source familiar with the document said on Tuesday.

A senior State Department official confirmed that the memorandum in the department's "dissent channel" had been submitted to management.

White House spokesman Sean Spicer said on Monday he was aware of the memo but warned career diplomats that they should either "get with the program or they can go."...........http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/about-900-state-department-officials-sign-dissent-memo-source/ar-AAmtgEh?li=BBnb7Kz
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The moment he took the oath he was in violation of the constitution. When the polls start looking bad for 2018they will pull the trigger on him.

Lemme guess you were the one protesting with the purple hair dressed as a vagina?


Trump has done everything we want so far.

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Since the start of THIS YEAR more Americans have killed other Americans than terrorists have killed Americans since 9/11, which is coming up on 16 years ago. Perhaps the focus should be more at home than abroad? I love so much about your country but your gun controls are lunacy. I don't think your forefathers had this in mind when they wrote the constitution. Sorry if that comes across as a little preachy but it's just my observation.

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