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Yeah Terps....Again Defeat Texas

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This was such a fun game to watch.

Made my day.


Terps were 20 point underdogs. Texas had outscored them 102-0 in their last 3 games!

They thought this would be a *** I'm stupid for thinking this game is easy ***.

110,000 Texas fans in the stands and Maryland came in and gave them that "far away" look. :fishin:

I sat down to watch and thought "OMG they have no shot".

Right away Maryland gives Texas 7 points on an INT for a TD....crowd goes wild and I thought "shit! Here we go!"


Instead Maryland ruined their season debut and their HC's debut.


Maryland has a road grading O line and explosive running backs. 43 carries, 263 yards for a 6.1 ypc.

Piggy, a freshman wasn't rattled. I heard he couldn't throw but he looked damn good until he was injured.

Hill made the plays too and Maryland needed that score.

Special Teams???? No too good. They have some work to do there as they gave up 21 points and missed 2 field goals. But they did force a key fumble recovery and block a field goal and ran that in. Let's call it a "Push" for now.


The defense was solid and fundamentally sound. The were disciplined in their assignments, bent but didn't break and were very solid tackling.

The front line had good pressure with 3-4 men (5 sacks, 8 tackles for a loss) and wouldn't let Texas run (31 carries for 98 yards for a 3.2ypc).

They held the explosive Texas offense to 20 points...7 of them coming in garbage time.


By the end, Texas fans were throwing cards on the field in disgust. :yeah:

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Dropped from rankings: Oregon 24

Others receiving votes: Notre Dame 100, Duke 93, NC State 54, Memphis 44, Kansas State 27, Wake Forest 15, Minnesota 15, UCF 13, Stanford 12, Texas Tech 11, Iowa 9, Oregon 9, Tennessee 7, South Carolina 6, Navy 6, Georgia Tech 6, Texas A&M 4, Colorado 3, Maryland 1, Appalachian State 1, Troy 1

Forgot to mention this dolt.

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They did it again! :yeah:

Fun game to watch despite the delay (I caught a Labor Day nap).


Texas fans really don't want to see Maryland on their schedule.


They handled honoring McNair with class...


The “missing man” tribute at the start of the game required the cooperation of the Longhorns. The offense took the field after the opening kickoff and lined up with McNair’s position on the line left empty. The players stayed there until the play clock ran out and were penalized five yards for delay of game, but Texas coach Tom Herman declined it.

“I thank Tom for that, for allowing us to do that and they obviously declined the penalty,’’ Canada said, “and that was a class move by Texas. That was something [our] guys wanted to do. They wanted to go out there and make sure Jordan was remembered. And we did that.

“Everything we’ve done to honor Jordan is from our players. They’re the ones who decided it, talked about it. … It was special. It was emotional. It’s emotional right now talking about it. I’m proud of our players.”....http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/terps/bs-sp-terrapins-score-an-emotional-victory-20180901-story.html
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