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Hey Craven

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Are you staying put in Florida? Or are you bolting north? Are you pretty nervous about these inevitable hurricanes one on top of another? I would be scared shitless and been outa there ASAP.

Whatever you decide, be safe and God speed to you and the family.

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Thanks Nado,


We are staying put, we are ready for what Irma has to offer, generator is primed and ready, plenty of charcoal and propane to do our cooking. Only thing I'm worried about is with all the pool patio furniture we have we couldn't get the Mrs new car in the garage, in our front yard we have a 40 ft palm tree.


Jose will be heading north and will float between Puerto Rico and Bermuda, should not pose a threat to us. My sister lives in Puerto Rico and her property got destroyed, her house is 8" thick poured concrete, so she wasn't that worried, every one of her fruit trees are gone.

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Any other ways you want to put your foot in your mouth?



You can't go back to last century to prove a point.


Tell me how Florida has turned the page in the last 17 years



we know it is a lot different

leaps and bounds different

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KKK groups are growing in Florida, even as they rise and fall across the U.S.



AUGUST 15, 2017 10:18 AM

UPDATED AUGUST 15, 2017 10:48 AM




OK far more recent. Florida has not changed much. Old jewish ppl have run down there to die for generations. Backwater trash have been racist POS for generations.

Oh and KKKraven it is called google.

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