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The Whole Team and Organization Should Join Him

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And the fans should watch and boo....




CLEVELAND (AP) His team already sunk, Browns coach Hue Jackson is taking the plunge.

Jackson said Wednesday he'll make good on his promise to jump in Lake Erie because of his team's horrible record. After the Browns went 1-15 last year, Jackson vowed that if Cleveland was ever that bad again he would swim in the lake. Well, the Browns are 0-15 heading into Sunday's finale at Pittsburgh. A loss would make the Browns just the second team to lose all 16 games.

Jackson said he's not happy about having to make the swim, but ''I have to make do on my word. I made a statement, I gotta back it up.''...https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/dip-time-browns-coach-backs-up-promise-to-jump-in-lake-erie/ar-BBHqtg7?li=BBnba9I


At least we're past the tar and feathering days.



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Why didn't Brody try this in JAWS?



That lightsaber is gonna feel THE SHRINKAGE

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