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What do you do with Collins?

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i would not want to start him in the playoffs.

What if this was the Ravens/Steelers playing for the AFC Championship?


When Dixon comes back healthy does he become the #3?



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Didn't they score a TD off that fumble?

From the high lights, yes, the start of the comeback for the Steelers, 14 unanswered points to end the first half.


That game is more of a blowout if he doesn't fumble there, that is a 14 point swing.


Imo, a fumble at the goal line is worse than any other fumble in the field of play.

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His body of work now says that you can't trust him.


I love the guy. Love his intensity and attitude. He's a warrior. He provides a spark.


Nevertheless....the Ravens are in the process of building a playoff contender and playoff caliber team by January. May you give him more chances and keep working on this issue and then by December make the call.


I love Buck Allen too but he is not a game breaking RB.



Running backs: If Alex Collins wants to become a legitimate, top-notch running back in the NFL, he has to stop fumbling. His fumble at the Pittsburgh 2-yard line in the second quarter cost the team a possible touchdown and allowed the Steelers to climb back into the game. He gives great effort and can make something out of nothing, but confidence in him is starting to dwindle. Buck Allen played well in the second half to finish off Pittsburgh. Grade: C....http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/ravens/mikeprestonreportcards/bs-sp-steelers-grades-20180930-story.html

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Buck Allen is not an every down back. Collins has too much talent to banish him now. Dixon would help a lot.


Seriously, though, did you ever think the Ravens would develop a high octane airborne attack? The way they spread the ball around makes it even harder to defense for other teams.

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Here's Harbaugh's response....


"One thing about Alex is that his style lends to that a little bit,” he said. “I think that’s been kind of an issue throughout his career because he’s such an elusive guy and he tries so hard to make big plays all the time. That’s why he gets yardage. It’s one of the reasons. He runs very hard. But sometimes you expose the football when you do that, so yeah, fumbling is always troublesome. You can’t have it. It’s not worth it. So he’ll focus on that. One thing I know about Alex is he’ll make it his job one to hold on to the football. He knows that’s the expectation.”...http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/ravens/bs-sp-ravens-notebook-top-cornerback-jimmy-smith-returned-20181001-story.html



This is something to hope for...


Collins has corrected this problem previously. He fumbled twice in his first three games with the Ravens last season. But Collins didn’t cough up the ball in the final 12 games.


He is a difference maker and the only RB on the roster who can get this running game going if the line learns to block.

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