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Chiefs Game

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I see this as a loss. I'm hearing Humphry hasn't practiced. They have to have him to stand any chance.


Any turnovers by the Ravens will doom them and Lamar turns it over.



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Very exciting game and the Ravens surprised me because they traded blows and went toe to toe with the best offense in the NFL. They were in it with a chance to win the whole day. I thought for sure they were going to win when the Chiefs settled for a FG in OT.

Lamar showed that he is improving and evolving with a 100.00 QB rating and 2 TD's passing. They simply could not score enough points. The D did what we've seen them do on the Chiefs final drive in regulation by giving in on 2 4th and long plays....and they played so excellent all game.

The holding penalty in OT doomed them. In the end too many penalties and some poor tackling kept Chiefs drives alive.


They may not make the playoffs. They had a good chance to cement it with a win. Stealers are barely hanging on at the moment vs the Raiders.


Sounds like Lamar is OK.

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Great game! Super effort by our guys. I didn't expect this to be a win or even close and we almost pulled it out. Lamar and the running game were spot on. Good game plan. Good defense. We are about 2 playmakers short of being a contender.


Losing is lousy but it could have easily gone the other way.


Hope Lamar is good to go next week.

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Stealers lost. Another missed opportunity.



After losing to the Raiders, the Steelers' chances to win the AFC North and reach the playoffs have dropped to 66% and 71%, respectively, according to our live FPI projections......Steelers are falling out of playoff security thanks to a defense that can't get crucial stops, a stagnate kicking game and injuries piling up. Not only is James Conner uncertain for the Patriots game, but Ben Roethlisberger's rib injury will loom large. The Steelers muse assess whether kicker Chris Boswell can get the job done for the rest of the season.




In addition to the wild-card race, Baltimore still has a chance to win the AFC North for the first time since its 2012 Super Bowl season. Pittsburgh is only a half-game ahead of the Ravens after losing at Oakland on Sunday and plays the Patriots and New Orleans Saints the next two weeks.

"We ain't got time to die," cornerback Jimmy Smith said. "We got three more games we have to win. Just proved we could obviously hang with any offense, any team. That's a lot of firepower over there."....http://www.espn.com/blog/baltimore-ravens/post/_/id/47740/ravens-gain-confidence-to-win-whole-thing-despite-loss-to-chiefs

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