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Marianne Williamson is running for President

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I know she has no shot to win the primary, yet here's why I like her. None of the candidates would dare say something like this....


"When I was asked about this subject in last Tuesday's debate, I said...

"The issue of gun safety, of course, is that the NRA has us in a chokehold. But so do the pharmaceutical companies, the health insurance companies, the fossil fuel companies and the defense contractors. None of this will change until we either pass a constitutional amendment or legislation that establishes public funding for federal campaigns. But for politicians, including my fellow candidates who themselves have taken tens of thousands — and in some cases hundreds of thousands — of dollars from the same corporate donors...to think that they now have the moral authority to say we're going to take them on, I don't think the Democratic party should be surprised that so many Americans believe yada yada yada."


They'll adopt some of it now if they think it will get them voters but not because they have the moral fiber and spine to step out and risk criticism. and not because any of them has vision.

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