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The next Brady-Manning rivalry? Patrick Mahomes vs. Lamar Jackson could be the one matchup to watch moving forward

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The marquee matchup for Week 3 of the 2019 NFL season features the Baltimore Ravens and Kansas City Chiefs. It's a highly-anticipated game, and for good reason. Both teams are 2-0, both feature explosive offenses and both quarterbacks, Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson, are the early favorites to win the MVP award.

This could be the beginning of a rivalry, one that could dominate the NFL in the near future. At least, that's what Ravens defensive coordinator Don "Wink" Martindale believes.

"Just as an NFL fan, as a fantasy owner, if you will, the NFL is in good hands with these young quarterbacks," Martindale said Thursday, via ESPN. "And I think you're going to see two great quarterbacks in this game. We might be seeing the next [Tom] Brady-[Peyton] Manning matchup, [Muhammad] Ali-[Joe] Frazier, Magic [Johnson]-[Larry] Bird. You don't know, but the excitement of it [is undeniable]."



Interesting thought.


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It would be nice if they both go on to have careers like that, real nice.


Tell me, can you remember the last time the league had (I know Mahomes did not win a heisman) this many former Heisman quarterbacks starting in the NFL?


This year has to be a record and they all, contrary to that award, appear to be legit NFL QB's, albeit it is early...

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Right? Even back then, it was usually a runningback winning the award.


Now we have Cam,(injured), Mariotta,(some questions) Mayfield, Murray, Lamar, Winston (some questions)


Now it seems teams are willing to change their system to fit the qb, rather than the old way of fitting the qb to the system.


Maybe that will mean more former heismans will have a career in the NFL, contrary to what has been

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I believe the best approach is to change the team system to fit a great quarterback.


I agree, as does Reid and Roman. Kubs knew that when he coached here, Flacco is a pocket passer to fix the line, get the ball out quickly.


Arizona is trying it with Murray, the spread offense, that is what Don Coryell did with Foust, air raide.... The West Coast worked best for Montana, Young had to sit and learn to use his talents to fit it, even then, it was expanded to fit what he did best.


Even Cleveland is trying to mold an offense to fit Mayfield, quick paced, spread out the defense, wear them out aide line to sideline makes reading them easier for a young qb.


Tennessee tried to fit Mariotta into a form, they used his running sparingly to keep him safe, but never addressed the line issues so a spread offense can't work; thus 17 sacks in two games and still many questions about his ability.



Put him in a different offense he might work.


The key here is, defenses adapted to Kaep and this type of offense Roman runs, but mostly because they forced him to throw and he never developed accuracy nor touch.


That will be the key going forward for Lamar, will he be a Steve Young, a Cam Newton, or a Collin Kaepernik? Time will tell.


So far, 70% completions, 50% down field, but other than that loaf of bread he gently hit Brown with down field to seal the win last week, we still have not seen him make deep outs, deep comeback routes outside of the numbers.

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