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What can you say?

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It’s sad because Browns fans are angry. They’re angry because this season has been more heartbreaking than most since the team returned in 1999. This was the year of great expectations. Instead, it’s THIS ... THIS is a team of overhyped underachievers. ... THIS is a team with a coaching staff that seems clueless about how to use all the talent on the roster. THIS is a team that has staggered through half the season and probably lost all hope of making the playoffs on this gray Denver afternoon. For Browns fans, THIS is pathetic. If you are angry, no one can blame you. Your team has let you down. ............https://www.cleveland.com/browns/2019/11/loss-to-denver-broncos-confirms-cleveland-browns-are-a-bad-football-team-reaction-to-the-game.html


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Definitely melt down mode. It's getting weird there.

Fans think they should never have sat Tyrod Taylor until Baker was ready or beat him out of a job.


Just think about this:

We traded for Tyrod Taylor, Ok

This guy for his career is:

61.9% completion rate
9.536 passing yards
53 TD passes
20 INT
a career Qb rating of 89.6 (Might as well be 90)

We literally gave up on a veteran QB who was selected to the Pro Bowl two times in the past 3 years, who was/is a career 90's rated passer (Which puts him in the above average NFL QB tier) easily the best Qb we have had here in Cleveland since Kosar...for what?

"Oh we have to see our 1st rd QB play" "Oh Baker, Baker he is so great"

This right here is the absolute MORONIC reason why this team sucks year after year after year.

Please keep in mind that the previous week against the Saints, Taylor posted a 94.6 QBR, 73.3% completion rate on 22/30 pass attempts, threw a TD, and ran 26 yards.

I mean Judas Priest what more could you want!





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Baker is the better choice, the issue is the coaching. Most qbs go through the sophmore slump, but most don't have the weapons he has right now.


With better coaching, play calls, Baker will be fine; problem, he plays for the Cleveland ownership..

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Apparently if you are a player in Cleveland then there is plenty to say....


"I don't see why we can't be 10-6," Garrett said via Cleveland.com's Mary Kay Cabot. "There's eight more games and that's eight more opportunities. I don't care what the previous record has shown, I don't care what they've said has happened before. You go out there with the right mindset and good amount of want to, you know what the hell you're doing, you have your fundamentals down, you can go out there and play with anybody. Those three or four plays can go either way and you get those to swing your direction, we can make a run for it."

Ahhhh....gulp in those fumes from the lake.

This doesn't rank up there with the Remember the Alamo speech or something from Tennyson...it's kind of like.....


Look...they are not horrible, yet they are not 8-0 material.



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images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSC6zl4zLJDqnx1uLaxuZd "If everybody does what their supposed to and everybody on the other team doesn't, then I don't see why we can't be 10-6. Ownership made me say that....and...and I'm trying out for team leader. Baker's been a little off lately."

A little more truthful.

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