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The Ravens- an unexpected journey

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It's December. Durins Day! They are exactly where they are supposed to be.


Stand by the grey stone!

Stand by the grey stone!

....... when the thrush knocks, and the setting sun with the last light of Durin's Day will shine upon the key-hole.”


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Into the blistering black of night they go, to battle a tough, fearsome foe.

Will they stumble, will they fall or will they emerge victorious afterall?

The story is still be written my friends, of a season our clan hopes to extend.

When will it end, how far will they go, we just need to keep reading doncha know.

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Sauron lured our clan into the trolls' den. The battle was tough and the war raged on. It was not easy battling their foe in their lair, so our clan would have to be smart & savy till the end.

Some may not know that a troll cannot survive in the light. But our clan knew very well that if they faught with all of their might, together they could drag those northern trolls into the light.

Against great resistance and though several of our clan were injured, our brave warriors overcame much and finished off their foe by letting the light shine through.

So now our brave warriors stand above all, 11-2, nine victories in a row.

The war rages on and the fights will get tougher, with short rest they must take on another who would try to steal their thunder. Will they be rested, how great will be the test? Our story continues, down come the Jets......

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Wounded and weary, our warriors are forced into battle quickly. Sauron has gathered his forces at the boarder, waiting to pounce on our brave clan.

What Sauron doesn't know is that our clan still craves, still thirsts for battle and will defend their territory to the last man, with the next man up.

Surely our clan has plenty of fight left in them, but just how much strength do they possess?

Only time can heal all wounds, time is something on short supply for this battle. But our warriors are courageous, stubborn and tested. They have the war on their hearts, and this is just another battle. We must keep reading to see how this story will end for no matter the outcome of this battle, the war will continue.

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Sauron thought he finnally found a way, to make our brave warriors lose their way. He sent his henchmen in to invade the land, that belonged to the great, Ravens clan.

A battle so quickly right after another, Sauron thought he could get them running back to their mother.

But our wonded and weiry warriors of Baltimore, beat and battered his army until they begged for no more.

So now our clan gets a nice little break, to get rested and ready to continue their campaign. They have shown that they can win any fight, gritty and dirty or flying sky high. The campaign will continue, the battles will ensue, but for now our brave warriors are 12-2.

When will they lose, how many will they win? We must keep on reading for when the next battle begins.

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The temptation from Sauron




E-eye for an eye



Sauron will use his book of spells to temp our warriors into acting out of emotion, to seek revenge for a past loss. But revenge comes from conceit, it burns down deep and forces one to act out of character.

To beat Sauron's species of arrogance, insolence, bluster and conceit, our clan has to fight with passion from their heart with their minds. You see passion is not an emotion that whithers away, it is a state of being.

Avenge is a better choice, seeking to right a wrong done to others. Revenge is personal, but to avenge is for others, for your clan. A clan is a gathering of people from all walks of life, working together for everyone's enjoyment, a true flock if you will.

Our warriors must not only fight their foe but their thirst for revenge. Sauron will tempt them, their foe will mock them, but if our warriors stay true to them selves, they will be victorious in the end.



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Sauron used his magic spells to slow our warriors' minds, to confuse them, to cause them to make errors in judgement.

Yet our warriors gave no quarter, they cleared their minds, they saw their foe for who they were, then they pounced on their prey. With power and determination they turned their foe into dust, and when the battle was over our warriors had taken the will from their foes, they were once again conquerors.

They now stand firmly entrenched on the top of all who dared covet the Silver Betty. Those who's quest is to prove their metal to be the best now must come to our clan's ancestral land, where great battles have been fought since the dawn of time.

Our warriors now how have time to heal, to rest, to prepare to face any and all who dare to enter this great territory. They have time to look back on the past, not to glory in it, but to learn from their mistakes even in their 13 victories. For we can learn much from lost battles, learn more from mistakes we make even in victories. You see, our past is preparation for the present, that we will have a glorious future.

How many more battles can our warriors clain victory in? The story is yet to be written, but their quills are at the ready.


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So now our clan's story turns to another chapter, but does not end. After all of the battles, now our warriors stand atop all of their enemies, 14 victories to only 2 defeats.

Our warriors now await their next challenger; only time will tell who will dare enter their territory, for all must come try to disgrace our clan's sacred land and try to keep our warriors from their prize.

Time ks now their foe, the first battle of their quest. Will they get sucked into the dark lands of folk lore, listening to the chatter of their exploits? Will pride get the best of them? Will they rest on their laurels?

Will they face a familiar foe looking to avenge an earlier lost battle at the hands of our brave warriors? If so, will they take them lightly?

A new year is upon us, a new season unfolds, eight clans vie for the glory, the right to hoist the Silver Betty, but there can only be one. The winner will have to be steadfast in their preparations, stay focussed in their attention to detail of their battle plans for each campaign and be determined to carry it out without prejudice and show no mercy.

To win it all it will take brains, braun, skill, tenacity and a willingness to sacrifice persanal pride for that of the glory of the clan's.


Will our great warriors lose their first battle, or will they continue their winning ways of 12 victorious battles in a row? Can they just win one at a time?

We have to wait until they write the rest of their story, we must keep reading.

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Sauron now giggles with glee as his plan to take over this realm slowly unfolds. It is true that he lost many battles thus far, but he always has something brewing deep beneath the fires at the center of the earth.

He now has prepared a juggernaut to unleash on our brave warriors. He plans to invade our clan's territory with a foe from their ancient past; a Titan of an army.

Though this army doesn't do many things exceptionally well, one thing they do-do, they do very, very well. They host a mountain of a wall to move at will with their ungodly juggernaut, trying to impose their will, to take what is not their's.

This monstrosity now stands between our clan and their goal, vying to block their path to eternal glory. Our warriors will need to be rested, strong in heart, mind and soul to take on Sauron's beasts. Only by playing like the North wind blows, as one, swarming all over this beast can they stop him in his tracks.

Yes our warriors will need all of their might to stop this monster Sauron has brought up from the depths of the earth. The enemy will march into our territory with confidence, can our brave warriors clear the path of these mongrels and continue on their quest? Fulfill their destiny? While only time will tell, the metal of our warriors has been tested and proven; they need now only to unleash all that they have learned, for their story is still be written.

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So now our clan gathers to celebrate, to mourn, to embrace.

We celebrate a brilliant effort by our warriors on their quest, in the end, it was a valiant effort, they made our clan proud. Some days the journey is walked, other days the journey walks over us.

We mourn the loss of the last battle, they were Titans for certain. Many things went wrong, our warriors lost their path amidst the ever winding foliage, in a forrest of confusion. But they made us proud.

We now embrace a bright future dependant on a new blood needed to be brought in to the clan between now and the next quest for the Silver Betty.

This journey was truly unexpected, and the story is just turning another page to a new chapter.

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27 hours earlier


Our group of heroes relax, happy with their success and confident in their path going forward, What at first seems to be the wind gradually becomes clearer and they hear a singing voice get closer and closer.

"Hey dol! merry dol! ring a dong dillo! Ring a dong! hop along! fal lal the willow! Tom Bom, jolly Tom, Tom Bombadillo!"

The trees part and an old man steps out. His face wears a smile but his eyes are not smiling. Who the hell are you asks our group of merry men trying not to laugh.

"Who am I?" asks the old man.

Suddenly the old man drops his pants, aims his gnarled old but impressive penis at the group and begins urinating on the group. But this is no normal urine, but so foul and hot as if from the darkest section of Mirkwood or from the hidden corners of the Old Forest. The splashing hot steaming urine covers our clan embarrassing them and filling them with self doubt, The old man pulls up his pants, ties them and leans close.

"Im Tom Fuckin' Bombadil, thats who I am" he says then turns and enters the trees.

The group of once merry men huddle shocked dazed and broken. And for long long minutes afterwards they can still hear him.

"Old Tom Bombadil is a merry fellow;Bright blue his jacket is, and his boots are yellow. "



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