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Treat Garrett like Ray Rice

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I saw the lowlights; horrible. Bravo to Pouncy for sticking up for his teamate and all NFL players.


I know emations are hard to control, especially in the heat of the moment. I also saw Mason grab Garret's helmet while they were on the ground after the roughing the passer... But to swing a helmet at another; as all of the current, former players are saying, is unacceptable. At least a suspension for the rest of this year, maybe even into next year.


Pouncy will get a game or two as likely will Rudolph. This is what you get on thursday night games; end them. They are terribly played by one team or another and the players are clearly not physically nor mentally ready this soon from another game.

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This was quick

Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett was suspended indefinitely for his role in an ugly brawl that took place at the end of Thursday night’s game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, an altercation that resulted in two other suspensions and hefty fines levied against both teams, the league announced Friday afternoon.


Garrett will be suspended “at a minimum for the remainder of the regular season and postseason and must meet with the commissioner’s office prior to a decision on his reinstatement," the league said in a statement Friday. He was also fined an undisclosed amount.







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I heard on the radio that they tested a helmet hitting a wood chair and it split the chair.

We were not far removed from witnessing a live murder on TV.

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This is a bunch of bs.  Seems only the black guys get suspensions.



Steelers-Browns fight: Mason Rudolph will be fined by NFL for role in altercation with Myles Garrett


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