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What to do for 2020

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Big changes to come:

For starters, I’m locking up left tackle Ronnie Stanley with a long-term deal. Stanley was a high draft pick, has improved every year he’s been on the team and is arguably the finest tackle in the NFL. Do not let him walk away.

I love Matt Judon. I think he’s underrated as a player because he might not get 14 sacks a year, but he is disruptive, has shown leadership and was the Ravens only consistent pass-rush threat this season. But I just can’t justify a league-wrecking contract for him. If I’m the Ravens I’m offering him a five year-$70 million contract and letting the chips fall where they may. That would be the highest I’d possibly go.

If they keep Judon or not, the Ravens need reinforcements. With a new regime in place in Washington, and with Ohio State star edge-rusher Chase Young slotted to them in nearly every mock draft I have encountered to this point, there’s a real chance that veteran Ryan Kerrigan could be made available for a draft pick. I’d make this trade the second it was possible to do so.

On the free-agent front, the Ravens have been linked with Jacksonville free agent (And University of Maryland alum) Yannick Ngakoue, and if he’s willing to come for the right price, hey, get him, too. Let’s get as many as we can on this roster, with these corners behind them, and see what can happen. I’d also take a long look at Kansas City’s Chris Jones, a specialist at rushing from the interior, and the Ravens are probably going to be losing Michael Pierce. Why not replace him with a sleeker version who can disrupt quarterbacks?

As for the draft, I always chuckle when people say the team needs to target a certain position with their first pick. The Ravens are going to be picking 28th this year, barring a trade, and what the Ravens will be doing is sifting through what’s left and picking from there. But there are a few position groups I would look at if I’m Baltimore. I’d start with the front seven, interior line, receiver, and corner. Ideally, I’d get an off-ball linebacker, sturdy defensive lineman or edge rusher at the top of the draft, and take advantage of the draft’s depth at receiver after that. But, like I said, if you aren’t comfortable making trades to move down and grab someone, you get what you get.

And the Ravens are really good at that game.

This was a tough way to end an incredibly fun season, but it’s also an exciting offseason to look forward to the future. Let’s all dry our eyes, put on our big-boy (or big-girl) pants and move on. This isn’t Washington. We don’t live in the past with our football team.

We build toward the future.


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Real Briefly:

Stanley---agree. They can't afford to lose the young stud LT.

Judon---agree. Worth keeping if he doesn't break the bank. If they can develop, trade for, or sign a worthy FA, Judon would be a good complement. 

Kerrigan---disagree...too old.

Ngakoue---don't know...production drop-off in hurries and pressures from 2018 to 2019 even though sacks remained about the same.

Jones---don't know.

Draft---LB or receiver badly needed. 

And I'll add one more who may become a FA and would cost a ton but might be worth it: Amari Cooper

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There is a young championship caliber and core of players to build upon. The futures bright.

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Chris Jones
There isn't a more disruptive interior lineman this side of Aaron Donald.
Amari Cooper
While the Cowboys could use the franchise tag on Prescott and the transition tag on Cooper because of unique rules governing the upcoming final season of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, the Cowboys don't want to be bidding against 31 teams for Cooper.
Jadeveon Clowney
The Seahawks agreed not to use the franchise tag on Clowney when they traded for him, meaning he shouldn't have to accept anything less than being one of the highest-paid defenders in football, if not the highest.
Shaq Barrett
Bruce Arians said of Barrett after his career year: "He ain't going anywhere." No player outside of Ryan Tannehill made himself more money with his performance this year.
Yannick Ngakoue
Ngakoue's eight sacks and 50 total pressures in 2019, according to Pro Football Focus, were his lowest marks since his rookie season, which is incredible production for a down year.
A.J. Green
One of the toughest players to price after he missed all of last season to injury, Green is a borderline Hall of Famer who should still have some high-level years left.
Brandon Scherff
Potomac Drainage Basin Indigenous Persons
One of the best run-blocking guards in football, Scherff would be ranked even higher if not for nagging injuries the last two seasons.


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Agreed on much of the above.   Would love to acquire Jones, Barrett and or Ngakoue; we need some disruptive forces on D and wreak havoc on the QB and complement our secondary. 

On offense, I'm not sure we are pursuing Cooper or Green but we could sure use either.   As previously mentioned, we need a stealth, possession guy (e.g. Q Boldin) and am not sure

those are the guys.  But we desperately need a WR to complement our TE trio and Hollywood Brown.    Get that and we got something special for Lamar and the O.  


After the dust settles on the free agency,  we need to draft some good, young talent for OL , DL, C and secondary.   By secondary, I'm referring to safety position.    Earl Thomas is a great guy in the

secondary but he doesn't like to tackle (see Chubb and Henry) and shoots off his mouth.   We need a YOUNG thumper, bumper and ballhawk who can learn from Earl and Clarke and others.  Maybe

Deshon Elliot returns  healthy but unsure if he's the guy.   Those safeties from LSU look very good and NFL ready.   


Assuming we address the above, especially on the D, 2020 & beyond look extremely promising.      




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Neither Cooper nor Green can stay healthy for more than 2 games in a row, for more than 10 games per season. Why waste the hogh cap dollars?

Clowney is another big waste of money, injured often, penalties often; no thanks.

Kerrigan is not what he used to be, but is logical since the FO tried to trade for him this past season and over pay too boot; no thanks.

I would wait until after the draft, let us see what they can get in the draft or undrafted, other than wide out, they seem to be able to make something out of the draft.

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The Ravens have Tavon Young if he can ever find his way back on to the field.

I trust Eric.

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