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Lamar is making the same mistakes, careless mistakes he has made since he was drafted. Last year he got away with them, not this year.

There is a heisman commercial where they make fun of Mayfield, Lamar quips; Baker csn only play well under pressure. Well, maybe Lamar can't play under pressure.

He is not seeing the field, not reading the defense.

Another fumble, this one by Andrews, thankfully it went out of bounds

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The Steelers made the key plays to win this game . Period.

The Ravens were up 17-7, running at will, with a 10 minute time of possession advantage and then made all the plays necessary to "Find Ways To Lose." Mainly Lamar, who is showing a penchant for not performing in the big games.

4 turnovers, including a pick 6 to start the game and 9 penalties for 119 yards. You can't do that in this rivalry and expect to win. The Steelers played disciplined with only 3 penalties. Therefore the Ravens total; yardage advantage of 457 to 221 becomes meaningless. The 10 minute TOP....meaningless.

The Ravens D held the Steelers to only 48 yards rushing...that was good. Pass interference, unsportsmanlike conduct was defensive suicide.

Losing Stanley really hurts. That's a big loss.

Loved the Ravens running game. Looked just like last year and they will have to do this from here on out without Stanley. Can't count on Lamar and the passing game. Very disappointing.

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Lamar is not having the best season and today he was not good at all.  But he didn't lose the game by himself.  

And anyone contemplating a future without him or suggesting it's proven what he can or cannot do - is pretty fucking stupid.

As if no good or great QBs ever lost their first few playoff games or had a step backwards in their development.  

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