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Ravens/Titans Wild Card Playoff Game

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Look at the hat that he picked up in Nashville:

Give Eric some credit. After last years playoff loss, he went out and got Campbell and Wolfe. He was not going to see the Ravens get run over.


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1 hour ago, oldno82 said:

That was one fucking satisfying win! A revenge win, no less. I'm glad they stomped on the damned Titans' logo. As the saying goes, 'revenge is a dish best served cold'.

Me too!

Here you go oldno82:


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13 minutes ago, deeshopper said:

So much personality in this thread, and I'm just sitting here enjoying the thread summary on the right sidebar. lol.

Instigator, do.you have popcorn and is it caramel? Me, I'm watching a Corrs concert from back in the early 2000's.

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Since it's Monday morning.....Ain't the Coffee Hot!



This was one pissed off, focused, and physical Ravens Team effort and win. Thank you Malcom Butler and your big fat mouth. You awakened a sleeping dragon. The Ravens have found their identity. It took 17 games and a Mexican hat dance on the Titans logo yet finally this 2020 Ravens team looks as imposing and determined as the Ravens teams of the past.

Down 10-0, Wink and Don made early, in game adjustments. A good sign. These Ravens have found out how to find ways to win and how to Finish.

The defense is back. The mean, nasty Ravens defense. The kind of defense that we know and love so well. 

The MoJo has returned. Defense Wins Championships.

With this, the 2020 Raven have a decent chance to win on the road against the very best teams in the NFL. :gorave:

Somethings building.

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Yep, the key now is how to keep that mojo, staying focused and hungry ......one game at a time. 

Our guys are hopefully looking at Buffalo (and each of the next opponents) as a bigger and stronger challenge

and climbing the ladder......one rung at a time.     


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Unsung Hero:


Those who closely follow the Ravens understand how important Pat Ricard is to the offense, and it was shown to a national audience on Sunday.

Ricard helped pave the way for a rushing attack that totaled 236 yards on the ground, but perhaps his most important contributions came as a receiver. He finished with three catches for 26 yards on a season-high four targets.

"Ricard slipping out and catching several passes in the flat today — combined with his typical strong blocking, helped the Ravens win this game," Ebony Bird's Darin McCann wrote. "With Ronnie Stanley and Nick Boyle out of action for the Ravens, they have needed Ricard to provide more than most people probably anticipated before the season. The big man has responded, and Project Pat gets another week in the spotlight."

As efficient as the Ravens offense has been, it makes it even tougher for defenses when they have to account for a 311-pound fullback who can catch passes out of the backfield. Naturally, that garnered plenty of attention from those who haven't had a chance to see Ricard play.."No time like the first drive of the second half of a do-or-die playoff game for Greg Roman to utilize the fullback for three receptions for 26 yards and then lead block for the go-ahead touchdown!" Baltimore Beatdown's Kyle Barber wrote. "An absolutely brilliant game by the fullback.".....Late for Work 1/11: Lamar Jackson and the Ravens Are Busting All of the Narratives (baltimoreravens.com)


OIP.dVjYSrbZh8YlEJSFKNBl-wHaEL?w=321&h=1 Why can't they put frick'n lasers on his head?!"


Check out Queen:

Finally, a nice, "Worth the Read" article from the Ravens website. Hit each video, they are 10 short plays of all the players who contributed to this win. It shows how the game is a team game and a team win. Without everybody making plays, it's a Gloomy Monday.

10 Plays That Added Up to a Win Over Titans (baltimoreravens.com)

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