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Another Hollow Promise.

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I knew Brandon Scott was in over his head when he promised to reduce homicides. You need a plan to do that and basically he had none.



In January of last year, Mayor Brandon Scott made a campaign promise to reduce homicides below 300 his first year. It’s a promise he likely won’t be able to keep as the City has already seen 15 more homicides than this time last year, on pace to see more than 334 people killed by the end of the year.

“I will aim to reduce homicides by 15% each year in my term getting us below 300 homicides in my first year as Mayor,” said Mayor Scott in January 2020...Hogan 'very concerned' about Baltimore violence surge: 'The City needs to do a better job' (msn.com)

This is bullshit.


“We’re not doing anything about the repeat violent offenders who keep committing these crimes over and over again,” Hogan said. “Two years in a row, we’ve had legislation that addressed that. It passed the Senate both times and both times the House killed it, with the help of the Baltimore City Delegation.”

The General Assembly did not pass the plan Hogan referred to, and Democrats have said one bill can’t solve the crime problem. Rather, they said, it has to do with rebuilding trust between communities and law enforcement.🤥

How does that stop someone who wants to shoot somebody?

Hogans solution....


“So, number one, we have to get tougher laws. Number two, we can’t defund the police, which is the Mayor’s plan, we have to invest more in our police,” Hogan said. “And number three, we have to have a prosecutor that’s willing to prosecute crimes.”.............Hogan 'very concerned' about Baltimore violence surge: 'The City needs to do a better job' (msn.com)


Now...IMO...neither guys plans will work. How do you raise the consciousness of those who have no value for life...theirs or anybody else? 

When Norris was the Commissioner violent crime dropped considerably. Go back to a Police department that can do what they did. right now Police are afraid to approach suspects and the street losers know it. And they know they will skate in court. They have no reason to stop what they are doing.

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The police have to earn back the trust of the people. No more "catch and release", "pothole express", or "rough rides". Then witnesses will cooperate far more often and juries will convict far more often and crime will go down.  

Problem is it might take years to work so politicians don't go this route. Instead they do stopgap measures that hurt in the long run. 

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So far this year, at least 137 people have been killed in Baltimore, according to data compiled by The Baltimore Sun, compared to 127 at this time last year. There have also been at least 267 non-fatal shootings, about 37 more than a year ago....Nine killed in Baltimore over the holiday weekend, including three shot dead in gunfight Sunday night, police say (msn.com)

Scott continues to give the usual lip service. He has stopped using the "This is unacceptable speech.


Scott said. “We must hold them accountable and rid our streets of the weapons they use to take our daughters and sons away from us.

“I will be meeting with Commissioner Harrison to discuss what changes need to happen for the Baltimore Police Department to have a greater immediate impact on this violence,” the mayor said.

He doesn't know what to do.

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