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I Got Tickets

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The Ravens have a fantastic schedule this year. 9 games against playoff teams. It's loaded with great competition. 

And....this is a must see season. The Ravens are totally loaded with talent. About as much as we will see...I'll call it a "4-5 year stacked roster". It doesn't happen often. It's as close as you can get to having an on paper roster for a Super Bowl run. So we have and awesome Ravens roster colliding with extremely talented and dangerous teams week after week. A fans dream. 

The clunkers are on the road. Detroit,  Denver, Chicago...

If you want to skip 1 game then maybe it's the Vikings. 

More importantly, you need to get out regularly to a safe haven where you can yell for 3 hours at the top of your lungs and not get taken away by the men in white coats. 😁 This will purge and cleanse you.  Couple that with a Ravens win and you too, will have this feeling.....image.png.feccd33253772d2f14d9be6d7888b295.png

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Haha. That last paragraph just about convinced. I threw my tickets up on StubHub. It's so weird. I joined the waitlist in my late 20s and now that I'm in my 40s I don't know that I want to go a game. I guess I gotta get my crazy back!

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Posted (edited)
On 7/3/2021 at 9:28 AM, deeshopper said:

. I guess I gotta get my crazy back!

8914302096200178691?sqp=4sqPyQSWAUKTAQgAEhQNzczMPhUAAABAHQAAAAAlAAAAABgAIgoNAACAPxUAAIA_Kk8IWhABHQAAtEIgASgBMAY4A0CAwtcvSABQAFgAYFpwAngAgAEAiAEAkAEAnQEAAIA_oAEAqAEAsAGAreIEuAH___________8BxQEtsp0-MhoIrAIQnQEYASABLQAAAD8wrAI4nQFFAACAPw&rs=AOga4qk-LZMJtMR3LWtGhkQI8sb_rD2ibg  Now you are making sense.Image result for Baltimore Ravens Sayings ... 

And Just Remember: you are never too old to act immature. :gorave: Dress up! Image result for Baltimore Ravens Fans

Meet intelligent people. People who have their priorities straight. Image result for Baltimore Ravens Fans

Make new friends...Image result for Baltimore Ravens Fans Image result for Baltimore Ravens Fans

 See the source image Also...Please read p.46. Never put your Ravens tickets on StubHub.

Becoming a Ravens fan turned my life around...Image result for Juvenile Delinquents Kids.....Image result for juvenile delinquent photos See the source image

this does not have to be you..Image result for 50s Juvenile Delinquents

If they can do that for me, then just think of what going to games will do for you! 


See the source image


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