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Ravens vs Chiefs

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9 hours ago, vmax said:

I will not be at the Chiefs game tonight. I've been looking forward to this game for months and then life happens. Tuesday I have to fly out to San Diego to meet with my daughter and then were going to drive cross country to bring her home. She's had enough with the heat waves and the smokes from the fires around Portland and Northern California and the water issues. She's immune compromised and her doctor advised against her getting the shot. So I can't in good conscience go to the game, packed in shoulder to shoulder with fans who I know will not be wearing masks. Only a handful of people had mass on for the preseason game. The risk is too high. You can be my witnesses that for one time in my life I did something responsible :cop: and more importantly, since I won't be there, this is setting up for a historic Ravens win and great game. The kind of game that Ravens fans will be talking about for a long time and saying "I was there." :fishin:

You can thank me and my daughter now! :thumbup:

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Baltimore Beatdown (@BmoreBeatdown)
Odafe Oweh split between Orlando Brown Jr. to force the game-winning forced fumble and fumble recovery.
Love it.

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