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1st Quarter Grades and Thoughts

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I respect what he is trying to say, buy I watched Queen his entire college career and he plays exactly the same way.

Think of a quarterback who can't read a defense; well Queen is the same only he can't read an offense.

He has always used his speed to run around blocks, in college he could, to get back to make the tackle.

In the pros, it doesnt work, you have to take on the block, stay disciplined to the gaps, shed block, make tackle. You either can or cannot do this and he has shown that either he can't, or won't.

He gets too big play happy by being sucked up in play action, leaving the middle-intermediate routes wide open, easy throws for the quarterback. We know that he can't cover, by now, college and year 3 of the pros, you either can or cannot and he clearly can't.

This isn't a case of over thinking, this is discipline, instinctual.

People are giving him a pass because he runs so well for a linebacker, because he is a great leader. But the dude just can't remember his gap assignments, can't remember when the tight end is in the Y slot to the boundary that he is going to run a slant or curl over the middle...

I was against the Ravens drafting him, so maybe I am a little biased towards wanting to be right, but this guy is never going to be more than what he is as a player.

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2 hours ago, GrubberRaven said:

Hey Max, I thought you weren't attending games anymore?

No! I go to the games except when it very cold and raining. My son can have that ticket. :fishin:

Monday night I asked the woman sitting next to me if she knew CPR. She said, "Yes! I'm certified!" :yeah:

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2 hours ago, GrubberRaven said:

I thought you were being careful because of your daughter or was that another member?


That was the Chiefs game that I passed on because after that I flew to San Diego to bring her home on a cross country drive. Close quarters in a car for 7 days.  Too risky.

I got my booster shot yesterday. Not feeling any side effects.....Image result for Lon Chaney Wolfman Movie

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