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Holmgrin uses Fuzzy Math on local media.

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The pressure is mounting on Browns president Mike Holmgren and the rest of his regime after producing nine wins in two years in Cleveland.....

Another four- or five-win season isn't going to cut it for the Browns in 2012.


Holmgren added, "I think if you look at last season as an example the record was what it was, but we had if you remember say the snaps from center, kicked field goals, or PAT’s, if we had made three of those instead of missed three of those we would’ve won seven or eight games or something like that. Now you’re 5-11, 8-8, then you take the next step and boom, in the fourth year you are where you should be. That’s what I’m thinking. I would hope and I would be very disappointed if we didn’t take a pretty good jump this year.”


It's true that you could make a case for the 4-12 Browns being 8-8 last season based on four losses by four points or fewer. But you could also make the case for the Browns winning one game last season, which would have allowed them to take Andrew Luck in the draft. Cleveland's four wins were by a margin of 16 points, including three victories by four points or fewer.




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