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C-Mac released

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he will be gone by the time we pick and we can't afford to trade up



We have plenty of money 28 mil under now..Throw out a 4 year 30 mil, 20 mil up front at Ray Ray, thats Cap friendly,,We only need 4 mil to sign our entire draft picks.

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I've been going back and forth on this...right now I think Ozzie will let Ray test the market to find his value


Unfortunately, if Ray gets out of Baltimore in two weeks, Dallas will scarf him up.

I don't think that would happen. The Boys can't throw that much money at Ray. I think they are trying to work out a deal and Ray will either take it or not. See if he will play with another team for less money. Even if the Boys cut TO which would cost them more then it would save, and I think that is who you have to point at for what goes on inside the Boys.

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Releasing C-mac, damned.


Leaving us with Stover and Ray from 2000 who btw is FAs. Both of them are gone too? Matt, well a one year deal perhaps, he has been declining for the last two seasons. Ray, I would love a one year deal, not happening. 2-4 years not really and not for 15 +15 mil or more. Time to move forward without Ray.


In a way it make sense, if we let them go. New coach, new people and new era.


Releasing C-Mac now means we are going to make someone rich one of the next days, hopefully three of them. And if it will be Scott and Suggs and then tag JB I like it.


Thanks Chris!

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So, if I know anything about the cap, we've got 27 million?


Correct, and more to come when Rolle is released



So, Crav, with the $ 30 M + pending, we can do the following:


Sign our LB trio, Jason Brown and Jim Leonard

Snag FAs CB Asimago, DE/LB Peppers and WR TJ Houzmenzada

Sign all our draft picks


Yep, that should do it ! ;)








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I don't see the point of breaking the bank on anyone in FA. Oz made a brilliant move last year trading a third rounder for Washington. I would prefer another move like that this year. Maybe try trading down this year from our first round position since we have a solid team already. This would give us extra 2nd and 3rd round picks to use as trade bait for anothe similar deal. I'm just not big on spending big bucks to acquire another teams cast away. Once in awhile it works, I just don't see anyone this year that is worth spending the money on.

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