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Brandon We Done 5.1

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12 for 35 for 118 yards and a 3.4 ypp. 4 INT's and a 5.1 QB rating.


Maybe they need to admit that they fucked up and call on the Real McCoy.


They gave up 456 yards but Vick did his best WeDone impersenation throwing 4 INT's to keep the Brownies in the game.


I think this is 5 in a row Opening Day losses at home.


Along with winning football, this was not seen too...


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Ya know, ever since Cleveland 1.0 became Baltimore 2.0, the Browns just can't catch a break. Pardon me if I shed no tears.

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It's just not looking good....


According to one scout, the issues with the Browns, who lost by a point Sunday to Philadelphia, run deep. "The QB situation is not good in Cleveland. The running back (Trent Richardson) is damaged goods. The (offensive) line is horrible. (C Alex) Mack is not bad, but the two guards are not very good and the other tackle is bad. All they have is (OLT) Joe Thomas. (Jason) Pinkston is terrible -- he is just a guy. I gave him a free-agent grade coming out. (WR Josh) Gordon flashes, but he is a train wreck waiting to happen. (QB Brandon) Weeden will be like David Carr in three years -- he'll be shell-shocked and unable to recover from it. He was that way at Oklahoma State."




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Funny. I think it is Cle and Miami in the run for the first pick. The question is since both reached for mediocre QB's what do they do with it?


Fumble it.

They have had 587 early picks in the draft over the last decade and look at what's on the field.

They are way worse than a blind squirrell.

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It appears that the Browns are growing tiresome of quarterback Brandon Weeden's mistakes. Here's where Weeden currently ranks among quarterbacks after five weeks: 29th in completion rate (55.4 percent), 15th in passing yards per game (258), 21st in touchdowns (five), first in interceptions (nine) and last in QBR (12.6).


“I’ve played five games now and it’s a tough league; a lot of really good players," Weeden said. "Sometimes you do exactly what you want to do and it doesn’t go the way you want. It just sucks.”



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