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Through a sea of alcohol

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image.jpeg.3ad2a4a03dab5a0ebbfd8d5108ee8c63.jpeg   I was sitting on my front porch...minding my own business....listening to the sound of the cicadas and I thought that they sounded just like one of those flying saucers in a 1950"s movie.

So went to have a close look at one...Image result for photo cicadas...yea...looks like an alien to you too doesn't it?

So I went a little deeper out into my back yard and saw this disturbing one! Image result for The Fly Original

Hearing a yell, I looked over into my neighbors yard and what do you think I see? See the source image Shocking!

Naturally, this was very upsetting to my family...Image result for funny crowds running in terror photos

Don't let it happen to yours. We best be getting out of here till this dies down.



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5 hours ago, papasmurfbell said:

I have seen them up for,about a,week.  I dug some up weeks ago doing yard,work.  Last night i,started hearing then.  Next week I expect them to get loud.

The latest that I'm hearing is that they feed on women....See the source image...we might be ok.

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And Just Remember...



All You Need Is....


Heading to Ocean City...be back Monday. 👻🏄‍♂️

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In the pastoral setting of my back yard, seeking good clean fun, I'm making numerous attempts to connect with the collective consciousness of the cicadas. 

See the source image


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The cicadas are gone!


The Hive Queen told me that their work is done. They have laid microscopic eggs beneath our skin..... as a gift...for humanity to survive global warming.

17 years from now...as they grow... we will evolve...image.jpeg.29880f3b7bf7f22e807d63ff3f0c133a.jpeg.See the source image...survive and thrive. Mating may be problematical at first, but she assured me that we'll figure it out. :thumbup:

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