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In Topic: Ravens - Seahawks Predictions ?

Today, 12:49 PM

They'll hit around their 30 points per game average.

2 games they were taking knees within the last 2 minutes in the shadow of the opponents goal post.


Seattle's D is ranked 20th. The crowd will give the Ravens O more trouble than the Hawk D.


Ravens will get the win.

In Topic: Ravens - Seahawks Predictions ?

Today, 10:25 AM


No way they hold the Ravens to 10 points.

That's simply you hating on the Ravens.



In Topic: Ravens - Seahawks Predictions ?

Today, 09:52 AM

Oh Ye of Little Faith! :bleh:

This is the Ravens that we're talking about! :gorave:

They are going to kick Seattle's ass!

In Topic: Ravens/Seahawks

Today, 06:14 AM

The Mahomes injury last night does send up flags.

Dislocated knee?

He's not the same as last year.


whatever....QB's are dropping like flies this year.


Back to the game. "What do you think Mike?"


What’s at stake

This is a statement game in quite a few ways. The Ravens have struggled with NFC teams and the Seahawks are tough to beat at home. CenturyLink Field is one of the loudest stadiums in the NFL and the Seahawks have a 97-42 record there since 2002, the most home wins of any NFC team in that time span. The Ravens have rolled up a lot of yards and wins against teams that don’t have winning records, but Seattle is 5-1. If the Ravens can beat the Seahawks, they will be taken seriously around the league. If not, they will still be considered pretenders.

In Topic: Trade for Rams CB Marcus Peters

Yesterday, 05:45 PM


“Everything happens for a reason,” Smith said, referring to his knee injury. “You know, who knows if we would’ve gotten Marcus Peters if all that didn’t happen? So maybe we win the Super Bowl because of all this.” :gorave: